How to Start Your Own Website/Blog?

For many people, starting their own website or blog seems like a very complicated task, one that requires a lot of money. However, these same people may be surprised to find out that there are some very simple ways to create a blog or website.

If you want to create a simple website or blog for friends and family, you have hundreds of options in front you. If you want to create a professional site to start your own online business, you have a few great options, as well. Here are some basic guidelines to help you determine what your best course of action is for creating your own site.

Website options

Websites are slightly more difficult to understand, compared to blogs. A website is a place where you can call home on the Internet. It may be your business, or it may be a place to hang your pictures. With this in mind, you need to determine what function you want your Internet home to serve. If you want to make your website your business, then you will need to make decisions that accomplish your goals.

One of your options is to find a hosting site. Sites like Godaddy.com and webs.com are great for aspiring business owners who know literally nothing about making their own website. These sites come with premade templates that are professional looking, helping you to get your business off to a good start. Look for Godaddy Promo Codes to help you save on setting up a website.

There are free options and premium options. Most free options will require your site to host ads for the parent site. Additionally, your site won’t have its own exclusive URL. It may have a URL that looks like this: http://www.yoursite.weebly.com. Obviously, that is not very professional looking, so you may want to opt for purchasing a custom domain name. You can do that with Godaddy, webs.com and other hosting sites.

Another option you have is to find a website designer and have him make your website from scratch. This allows you to have a site that completely fulfills your vision. Of course, you may have to dip into your wallet for this option. Additionally, you will still have to find a hosting site for servers, bandwidth and other website aspects.

Blog options

Creating a blog is slightly less complicated than creating a website. Most people create blogs to compliment their site. It is a place where business owners can interact with customers, fans and normal visitors. Blogs are important for establishing a personal relationship with every customer, something that is very important in the business world.

You can use sites like Blogger or WordPress to create a professional blog. Of course, just like websites, you will still have to purchase a custom domain name for your blog. Additionally, you can also hire an expert to custom make a blog for you.

Hopefully these tips will help you get off to a good start with your new Internet presence. Always compare company features and pricing to find the deal that best suits your needs.

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