How To Write For People And Search Engines

You have a business or a blog and you have managed to create a website.

However, there is a strange trend that I have come to notice, which is admittedly rather disconcerting.

After all, you spent so much time creating the website, spent money on the design and yet failed to develop it as to attract enough people to go through it.

What is then the sense behind actually setting up a website?

A good website needs not just a setup and a design, it needs several other things.

search engines

For starters, you should be able to generate a lot of useful content, the word useful being important here. Also, since you are already maintaining a website, why not bother to update it regularly?

Of course, just creating killer posts and updating it regularly will not do the job alone. You also have to give a chance for your readers to participate in the happenings, which you took such pains to develop.

Getting Noticed

Another thing, which you should take care of, is that your site and your posts get ample exposure. For starters, not everybody knows you personally. Hence, not everybody will be ready to read what you have to say.

Moreover, people will only see what is right in front of them. On the other hand, to be more specific, what comes on top of the page results when they search?

For this, you have to have a thorough understanding as to how the search engines work.

In addition, yes, though many other sources will beg to differ, trust me that how you generate your search engine optimized content will convert directly into how much people you will be able to attract.

For this, you need to generate your content in a manner which will show up in the search results and therefore attract valuable traffic.

Digging in for the right keywords

Before getting into it, let us consider a simple example. Suppose you go to the mall. Now after some shopping, you might want to grab a bite. Now am no expert, but as far as I remember, there is always a food court present where you can sit and eat.

There will be many kinds of cuisine and you might wonder what would be best. What then you or anybody for that matter do is to glance around a bit and decide.

However, while you glance around, what does your stare probe? For words and techniques which jump out.

Like; FRESH POPCORN, for say a fish counter.

On the other hand, say HOT SPICY WINGS for chicken wings and so on.

Now convert the same thing for your website. Most people will read posts, which are relevant to what they have typed for. Like, you website might deal with a flagship of a famous perfume brand.

What you usually do is, you type the relevant keywords; like ‘perfumes’ or ‘flower fragrance’ and you will get hundreds of posts related to it.

However, most people might have some real off beat words in store for you. In that case, this is exactly what you should do; try to come up with keywords, which not only jump or are relevant, but also different.

However, while writing content, you should make sure that the generous handful of keywords contains both off beat and normal words.

You should in fact either do a thorough research for such unique search engine optimized writings or hire a good professional agency to do your bidding.

Taking care of the content part

Since the business is yours and all the endeavours are backed by you, writing content yourself is the best option.

You can of course hire people. Nevertheless, you would have to go into many troubles to train them and make them understand the workings. It so happens that even experts in search engine optimization writing may not be able to produce content according to your requirement or liking.

Writing the content by yourself is definitely not as big a deal, as you might think. After all, you constructed your business and have enough idea about what you have invested in.

Moreover, you can always work according to your strength of writing, pattern, and research everything well. In any event, you can always add your personal experience wherever applicable.

It is how they say, you can only write stuff you have faced.


Jane shares the elements of successful blogging at her blog Problogging Success. She offers two free ebooks to help you get started as a problogger. You can grab them here: http://www.probloggingsuccess.com/free-ebook-time-management/. For cool and handy autoresponder tips head over to Best Autoresponder Tips.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Well, I think content should be written for the people and not for the search engines. Fresh and unique content do attract a lot of visitors. But you should need to take care of that. Thanks for the share!!

    • I agree with you 100%. If you are writing for search engines only, then you may get some great hits and good rankings. However, they will not convert once they get to your page. So always make sure that you are writing either for the people or for both. But never just for the search engines.

  2. Great tips and ways to write a SEO friendly article which can drive more readers. I will follow these tips for my blog. Anyways thanks author for such a great article

  3. Hi Jane,

    I like this word “exposure” most wanted one in online community.Just simply updating doesn’t makes sense we should bring the attention of the others by taking part on several communities whether you are blogging for business or part time earning.This post has Good exposure for bloggers

  4. Hey Jane,

    I love reading your articles as they are always so helpful and inspiring. I don’t think I ever use keywords the right way or in the right manner. This post gives me some better ways to make the best use of keywords and why they are important.

    Thanks Jane. I am sure I will run into you again.

  5. It’s very important to target good keywords in a blog post. And it’s best not to go for the most popular ones, because there will be so much competition.

    If you can find ones that are still relevant but not so saturated, you can end up with some consistent traffic as a result.

    And you shouldn’t forget topical keywords, such as the names of people and places making headlines. You can often rank highly for them and get a nice rush of search engine hits.

  6. People start loving your Blog if you write for your readers.
    on the other hand,Writing for the search engine can cause your blog go down !

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