10 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Website Rankings


You will find countless methods available concerning how to enhance the rankings of your respective blogs or website, and also at times that information can generate get you started of your concentrate on your SEO campaign. To avoid what we should generally call as “information overload”, I’ve build a short 10 to-do collection.

Improve Rankings

Perform the steps listed here for a regular 90 days and watch the outcomes for your blogs or websites:

1. Frequently update your content material: if you prefer a boost in traffic, you need to frequently update your written content. Visitors won’t head to your blog or website if they don’t have excellent and top quality content material. Without having a frequent update, there’s not be any returning site visitors too.

2. Implement decent layout and structure: in case your blog is cluttered on its layouts and navigation then website visitors will depart at the very second they come on your blog. You should implement decent style and design, content-focused with correct color pallets.

3. Make use of your unique domain name: utilizing a professional looking top level domain name could make you appear much more specialized and will then help to make website visitors to believe in you more like a significant business entity. The price of a domain name is really as small as US $8 annually this means you will make a significant variation than having a free domain.

4. Take advantage of StumbleUpon: I’ve had countless achievements using StumbleUpon for my blogs, particularly those specially speak about a unique subject, for example football. Once you put a useful article from your blog on StumbleUpon, then individuals will rate it higher and as a result make the article very famous. Be sure to furthermore make buddies and connections in StumbleUpon to improve your own personal recognition and trustworthiness online.

5. Be a guest writer: provide your special writings and content articles to other people’s blogs. Everyone loves to have free and top quality blog content material. Within your article, you should put a hyperlink returning to your blog. Once again, ensure that the content you submit as a guest blogger is one of a kind and should not be seen on some other blogs.

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6. Place keywords on images: if you are using images or pictures on your blog articles, then it’s essential that you should let them have appropriate title and tag them with appropriate keywords. In my football blog, a considerable part of my website visitors originate from people searching for football wallpaper from Google’s image search.

7. Comments: whenever you write comments, readers will realize that you give notice, and they’ll value that. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t spam. Many people really adore to write comments for example “Hi, great blog, why don’t you consider visiting mine?”. Those type of comments will probably be eliminated without question and you’ll just offend your blogger friends.

8. Start using Blogengage: register with to Blogengage and join to all the communities accessible there and you’ll see website visitors begin coming from Blogengage.

9. Don’t waste your time and effort: don’t waste your time and effort with “get rich fast plan” guarantees. Focus on offering high quality content material, then the traffic and also the income will get..

10. Most essential, constantly take a look at statistics: by looking at your sites’ statistics using Google Analytical tool, you will discover what type of keywords that the website visitors use to return throughout your blog and which posts that are probably the most attractive for them. The outcomes of your respective review may then be utilized for additional successful and effective long term strategies.

Are you using some other tricks to improve your website rankings? Share in comments.


Amrik Virdi+ is a 22 years old College Student, Web Developer & Graphic Designer from Kharagpur, India who is extremely passionate about blogging. He writes about Blogging Tips and Blogging For Money.


    • Glad you found this useful. Just keep in mind that Smart Work is more important than Hard Work.

  1. I need to do more guest blogging, I think that’s the best think to do too not only get a better ranking but to networking with more people, another great step for this is number 8, Blog Engage is great, awesome bloggers.

    BTW I think there’s something wrong with the commentluv pluging, it gives an error and then there’s over 100 lines of code showing.

  2. Website ranking is one of the most important aspects to getting your Web page seen by people all over the world. Thanks for sharing your site.

  3. I started inviting guest posters to my blogs a couple of months ago and also setting up possible guest posts on other blogs. My following is still small, but I am definitely reaching more people in my niche and this means not only getting good followers but also good people to follow.

  4. Yes, You are right website ranking is one of the most important element when you are in the world of blogging. You can hire seo professional for website is not cost effective.

  5. Amazing post Amrik !!!
    I am not using BlogEngage, but I am planning to join it.
    Anyway, thanks for this amazing post 🙂

    • Not only you stumbleupon your post. You can submit it to various web 2.0 bookmarking sites. Some are:

      Above are just a tiny example of sites. I have a collection of 150 top bookmarking sites. If you want I will mail you.

  6. I have also been experimenting with PushbuttonSEO to see if I can learn how to make all my clients’ blogs more SEO friendly. I am going to look into Blogengage. Thanks, Amrik.

  7. Guest posting is what i need otherwise i am doing all the right stuff according to your great article.

  8. My following is still small, but I am definitely reaching more people in my niche and this means not only getting good followers but also good people to follow. Thanks for sharing..

      • Thank you for the awesome article, Amrik! And I am glad to hear that you will contribute more in future.

        About your article, you know I was just lagging in StumbleUpon but I about a month ago I submitted on post to it and saw a sudden increase in traffic to my site. It was from StumbleUpon, from that day I never miss to submit my articles to StumbleUpon.

        I have started using DIGG also, again!

        Thanks once again 😀

  9. If you not making use of Blog Engage then you are loosing a big advantage. So I suggest you to start using it. Good luck.

  10. Well these are the basic and most important tips which should always be kept in mind while blogging. BTW nice article Amrik.

  11. I am trying my best to make backlinks but really fail.
    Comments bring me maximum 50 impressions.
    Guest post brings me 70-80 impressions.

  12. Thanks for all the great tips. I recently started using StumbleUpon and I was really pleased with the results. Some days it only sends me a few extra hits, but I had one post a week or so ago that generated an extra 933 hits on my site! I was amazed.

  13. Yeah, guest blogging is a good way to build backlinks for our sites, that’s the very important step on doing SEO for any blog. Thanks for your great post, Amrik

  14. Hello Amrik Virdi, I totally agree with your points which you have mentioned and here the main things (as per me) to get good backlinks and traffic is guest blogging and Blog Commenting. Thanks for Sharing such a simple and Awesome tips bro.

  15. Hey, great tips you have here. My best 2 here are guest posting and blog commenting. I am now taking up forum posting and youtube again. I want to become active in those again.

    Thanks for the other tips provided.

    • Hey Kharim,

      Good to see you around my blog.

      I love commenting too. I will look for guest blogging in upcoming week.

      Well I have done few guest post, you can see them on the write here page.

      I hope to see around my blog more often.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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