How to Increase Your Blog Comments Fast?

Are you wondering why your blog has fewer comments? Do you want to increase your blog comments? The increasing number of blogs has made it easier for the users to go and have a look at any of the blogs of their own choice. Which means that if you do not make it interesting for the people then they would read and dash out of your blog without leaving a comment? Here are a few ways to have your readers encouraged to leave a comment on your blog:

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Follow Simple Tips To Increase Your Blog Comments

Write unique and helpful content:

Try to write only  unique and helpful content for your readers that solve their problems or make them feel good. If you help them and solve their problems, I’m sure you’ll increase your blog comments and social shares, not only that but they will be happy to subscribe your blog via email or RSS Feed.

Check your blog comments settings:

Have you made it easy for anyone to leave a comment on your blog? This might not sound like a good question but the fact is that it is a unique way to make the number of comments rise on your blog. Make it an easy platform for people to comment and stop spammers to comment on your blog. Both WordPress and Blogger provide you with such comment settings. Remove unwanted captcha and question.

Install CommentLuv plugin:

CommentLuv is an awesome WordPress plugin that attract lot of comments to your blog. If  you’ve not installed yet CommentLuv go and install it and see the result. I recommend you purchase premium (Paid version) of CommentLuv, becuase you’ll get 5 plugins combined in one plugin. You can read more about the plugin here “CommentLuv

Reward your blog commentators:

There are many ways to reward  your commentators by selecting good comments and highlight them in your next post with commentator name and blog link, or you can install “Top Commentators Plugin” This is cool WordPress sidebar widget plugin to show Top commentators in your blog sidebar. This way you can increase blog comments and reward your commentators.
Download this plugin

Request for comments

Ask the readers on your blog to leave a comment after they have gone through the page once. This is like asking an individual after telling him a story, “what are your views on this story?” get a customized request statement at the end of your blog rather than making a generic statement. Write a unique request which is based on the blog post itself.

Blog comment policy may also help

Set the rules for your blogs according to your needs and wishes. Think about a few of these factors before defining a comment policy:

  • Make space for people to disagree to your opinions
  • Allow people to promote their own business too
  • Allow negative comments with some defined boundaries
  • Take steps to correct grammar mistakes and language
  • Respond to other’s comment

People always want feedback on their views and comments. If you reply to every comments made by the viewers, it will make the views feel that you are paying attention o their views and it shows that you respect your community. You do not need to reply immediately, but within a day’s time you must give your feedback. This will make you build a healthy relationship with your blogging community and will make the visitors feel good.

Make people feel good about their views and comments

How and what your response is to a comment makes a huge difference in making the person feel good or bad about your blog. Your opinion and attitude towards a comment will be shown in your comments and replies. You also need to welcome divergent opinions and must handle the people who disagree with you in a positive way. Just because an individual does not agree with you should not change your attitude towards that person and his comments.

Build a healthy community with your replies

Generate a sense of appreciation in your blog comments and for the viewers who have made the comments. Always look for something different and positive in every blog comment and make a mark of that in the reply which will surely make the commenter feel good about your blog and will make him visit your blogs every now and then.


Do you want to increase your blog comments?

Ask the above question to yourself and follow the  mentioned tips to increase your blog comments and traffic.
I’ve shared some basic tips to increase your blog comments. Now tell me have you increased the comments on your blog?

Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed is CEO and founder of ProWPblogger . He like to share best blogging tips, Technology news, social media marketing and SEO. He's offering free WordPress blog setup Check out Bog Installation Service page! Circle me on Google+!


  1. Hi Bashir,

    Am new to this blog. Nice to see you on this blog. Getting comments for our blog is really easy, if we follow the above mentioned steps. The tips given here is easy to understand and it is useful.

    • Hi Nirmal, good to see you here.

      Well, getting more comments is not an easy task in early days but if you follow above tips I’m sure you’ll get load of comments.

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving your comment. 🙂

  2. good idea, will try to make use of this on my new wordpress blog with commentluv enabled!!

    • Hello Gutham – Nice to see you here.

      I’m glad you liked the idea’s. Now go and follow them, Once you done come back here and let us know how it works for you.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Great tips Bashir – I love the CommentLuv premium and have received a lot of more comments since having that plugin. I also use the top commentors plugin. It’s interesting to see how it changes from time to time too. I’ve got to work on a policy as I’m getting more strict with spammers and those without photos for gravatars.
    I also get more comments when I leave more comments on others blogs. Not sure how I feel about that because I do like commentors to ge genuine and not just returning a “favor.”

    • Hi Lisa – Happy to see you here.

      I’m so glad you found the tips great. I love too CommentLuv premium plugin. Because when I installed this plugin on my blog, my blog comments increased by 70% isn’t it good? 🙂

      Comment policy page is must thing on blog when we get lot of faceless and spamm comments.

      Ahh… I forgot to mention, commenting on other blogs will surely increase your blog comments too.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding value in my post. I appreciate it! 🙂

  4. Hello Bashir,

    Comments make bloggers feel good and encourage them to come up with more awesome contents.

    You’ve listed out some great tips to increase blog comments. If you want a commentator to comment again on your blog, you must communicate properly and make them feel good (as you’ve mentioned above).

    Good to see you here on OddBlogger.
    Cheers 🙂
    ~Thejas kamath

    • Hi Thejas,

      Well you said it right, comments make post author feel good and motivate them to write more content for them.

      I’ve tried my best to provide some useful tips for bloggers to increase their blog comments.

      We need to build the relationship with our readers through comments, say thanks to them from the bottom of the heart. This way we can build the strong relation with our blog readers.

      I’m so glad you stopped by and leaving a valuable comment – Much appreciated!

  5. Hi Bashir,
    This is a very interesting post indeed. Its always a thing of joy to see your readers commenting on your post. It shows that people actually like what you’re doing.

    Yea, all the tips you outlined above are really the things that will increase a blog’s comment count if applied well. The one i like most is the issue of writing unique and helpful contents and I’m also happy you made it the number 1 tip :). This is what will bring those people to your post and its also what will make them to comment.

    Its also good as you noted to have commentluv plugin installed as this will also increase your comment.

    Thanks for sharing my man and do have a great weekend.

    • Hi bro – So happy to see you here! 🙂

      I’m glad you found my post interesting. Above mentioned tips are just easy to do any blogger can follow without any problem.

      No doubt, content is first thing we need to create but only unique, interesting, helpful content can encourage your blog readers to leave comments. Like I said in my post solve their problem, now you’re thinking how can I solve their problems? 😉

      It’s very easy just write helpful content about WordPress, blogging, etc and keep an eye in your Google Analytics to see which post is getting more views and which keywords are giving you traffic. Well If I talk more about this topic may be I’ll write another post. let me short it.

      Provide only unique and helpful content and see the result. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and leaving your awesome comment – I appreciate it! 🙂

    • Hello Theodore,

      Thanks for showing up here. I hope I will get some of your visits again. 😉

  6. Sure thing, but let’s put it this way – my blog is not based on WordPress, so no CommentLuv, nor any blogger from WordPress blogosphere ever comment on blogs without CommentLuv. Any tips about that?

      • Like it make any difference? Drupal, Joomla, custom build CMS, those doesn’t mean anything for most bloggers!

        • Each and every CMS platform has their own comment system and of course bloggers always looking for WordPress blogs for comments.

          But as I mentioned in my post, no matter which platform you’re using but always provide useful and helpful content. Make comment system easy, remove unwanted captcha codes.

          I hope this help.

  7. The greatest idea on increasing comments on a blog is, rewarding your commenters. Adding the top commentators plugin and commentluv will do this. Thanks for the post.

    Btw. noticed you did not have any of these plugins. Why preach what you are not practicing? Just a question.

    • Hi Chadrack,

      Thanks for stopping by. Recently this blog moved from other host to Bluehost and faced some issues that’s why Abhi removed Commentluv and sidebar widget plugins. I hope he’ll add them soon.

      • Thanks for backing me up, Bashir. I was about to say the same thing. Yes, you are absolutely right. I removed that in the process of migration. Will surely add it.

  8. Hi Chadrack,

    Thanks for stopping by. Recently this blog moved from other host to Bluehost and faced some issues that’s why Abhi removed Commentluv and sidebar widget plugins. I hope he’ll add them soon.

  9. I have to agree that rewarding commentators is one of the best ways to spark more comments. I’ve had my fair share of frustration trying to get people to comment on my blog. I know they’re there, I know they’re reading my posts, some even write posts based on what they’ve read on their respective blogs, but no comments…

    I started making commenting easier (by adding social login, tracking top commenters and offering more access once their first comment is approved) and it works. As Bashir said, asking for comments via a question in the article also helps.

    Thank you for sharing these tips 🙂

    • Hi Algernon,

      Glad you could relate the post. I’m happy to see that you followed the tips and your blog comments increased. That’s what we want.

      Now keep up the good work and stay happy.

  10. Hi Basir,
    Thanks for this post. Installing CommentLuv plugin will surely help you get more comments for your blog. The other ideas you have mentioned in this post are really effective.

    • Hi Sarmista,

      I’m glad you found the post affective. This kind of comments make us feel good to provide more good content.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thanks for letting me know this…very useful to me…I just found this site and with this insightful comment info, I’m definitely staying. good job! Thanks

  12. Thank you bashir, i really needed to read an article about this subject. being a newbie to the blog world and all. What great information that really helped me and my blog get to where it is now because of your useful information. Thank you again!!!!!!

  13. Bashir,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The comment section of my blog is an exciting place for me to get to know my readers. I’ve gotten many ideas and much feedback from using a positive commenting system.

    The commentluv premium plugin has been a part of my comment arsenal for quite some time and I love it. It’s good to be able to reward your readers for taking the time to leave a constructive comment.

    On another note, it’s hard sometimes to keep an open mind when someone is trying to argue with you in a post, but you’re absolutely right about turning it into a positive experience. It’s kind of the old mentality of “The customer is always right” and it really does work. If you respect your readers feedback, it can gain you followers for life.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle

    • Hello Robert,

      Good to see you here on Abhi’s blog.

      Glad to know that you’re comment lover too, like me! 🙂 I can’t live without commentluv.

      You’ll get negetive and positive feedbacks but as you said we can get the experience from our readers. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and adding the value in my post.

    • You’re most welcome Shannen, I’d be glad if you use your own photo. Its really easy to just go to Gravatar.com create an account and upload your photo.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

  14. Good information, just trying to increase the traffic first. But, I guess with the increase in traffic, comes an increase in comments.

  15. Hello Bashir
    A good blogger always try to put some unique and good content in his blog, so that a blog reader read his post and commenting over that. Either the post is helpful for him/her or not, but its motivate the blogger to post new topic in regular basis in his blog. Adding plugins like “CommentLuv” and awarding the commenter is the best way to link with the blog reader. Its help the blogger and also for his blog site to get traffic.

  16. I agree with you, the best way to increase your blog comments is through rewarding your commentators. They have to feel appreciated and they have to know that their comments are all welcome.

  17. Bashir – great post! And although I have removed CommentLuv on my own blog – all the other points still remain very valid!

  18. These are all great tips, Bashir, but my favorite is “Check your blog comments settings” – make it EASY. If you make me jump through flaming hoops to leave a comment, I won’t bother. Time’s limited and no matter what YOU may think, I’m going to assume my comment’s not worth it to you if I have to enter a captcha, log in to some third party comment system, say a prayer that my comment is released from moderation, and swear to God TWICE that I’m not a spammer or bot. 😉

    Because by then, it’s not worth it to ME to retype all that.

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