Internet Marketing and Losing Weight – The 2 Biggest Areas of Misinformation

Not everything you read on the Internet is factual. Not every tip published there is helpful. In fact the converse is true; most of the information you will find in the course of web research is garbage that could actually turn out to be harmful to its consumers. The tricky bit is distinguishing the proverbial wheat from the tares. While this is easy for those approaching the information armed with their own store of knowledge, it is virtually impossible for the uninformed. Such individuals will blindly follow the steps given even though they may be detrimental to them.

internet marketing myths

To be clear, I’m talking about the various ‘tips’ or ‘secrets’ you will find purporting to lead people to the promised land of oodles of traffic for their blogs. They promise the readers that if they only kneel down and worship them (read, assimilate and implement their guidelines), they will see their publications quickly jump up the search engine rankings. I’m also referring to the hundreds, if not thousands of web pages offering weight loss ‘secrets’ to help you shed weight drastically and have you looking like Halle Berry or Brad Pitt in under a month. The saying goes, when the deal is too good, think twice. But in this age of instant gratification, most of us will jump at anything that promises to deliver now what would otherwise take years.

For the sake of the uninitiated or the not-too-well-informed, I’ve put together two major warnings to help crystallize any mirages that may have been set up by unscrupulous Internet users.

Beware of people promising a lot of traffic with minimum effort

There are people in cyberspace preaching the idea that you can get your blog to the top of search engine rankings without breaking a sweat. Instead of taking time to consistently churn out helpful articles, establish networks with other blogs and market your blog on social media, they tell you to follow their ‘secrets’ or ‘keys’ and climb the rankings ladder in a matter of days. This is what they won’t tell you; all those sites enjoying top spot on search engines are the results of years of hard work, fine tuning the site and its content for SEO in every possible way. Achieving similar results overnight without leaving your cosy couch is therefore simply a delusion.

The lie of overnight weight loss

Who hasn’t come across the ads proclaiming to all and sundry that they can have Schwarzenegger’s abs in two weeks? And just to give you some visual enticement, a before-and-after picture of a flabby accountant (or blogger!) turned Hollywood hunk is placed next to the article. Heck, some will even post two or three ‘success stories’ telling how followers of the magic formula have found not only a well-sculpted physique, but a new confidence and self-belief.  I’ll tell you outright that any such publication is probably a scam. It took years of sedentary living and bad eating to put your body in the wobbly shape it is in now. Reversing the damage can’t and won’t happen overnight. At the very least you will have to put in years of exercise, supplemented by a well balanced diet to begin reaping the reward of significant weight loss. Big weight loss companies, like Weight Watchers and TRX Trainer, preach that success never comes instantly. It takes hard work long-term and a change of lifestyle.

A number of these quick-fix peddlers will guarantee you spectacular search engine rankings and rivers of traffic, and by extension, thousands of dollars every month, without you having to spend much. This is a laughable falsehood. If you had a chance to peak under the hood of the sites and blogs hogging the search engine rankings today you will find the best SEO brains working round the clock with every tool they need readily at their disposal. This all means a hefty investment has been put into the blog. And this is a tried and tested principle at work; you only reap what you sow.

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  1. Jane you are absolutely right in saying that there is no short to success in this world. One has to work hard and dedication is the real key to success.

  2. Unfortunately Jane internet is full of scammers and when i started my blogger journey i was scammed by lots of people. Same is the case with both these fields and marketing is no piece of cake now.

  3. Yup I agree – just like in life – there are no shortcuts! It takes a ton of hard work (and a little luck) to get traffic to my blog!

    As soon as I see an article on how to quickly get blog traffic – I tend to run in the other direction as fast as I can!

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