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When a business owner decides that he wants to build a website for his business, the first thing that he has to think about is the content management system or CMS. The CMS helps you manage your website on your own and it can also keep him from having to spend tons of money for the maintenance of his website. There are some of the content management systems that are so easy to use that it can be done with practically no knowledge of technology. There are many content management systems, but the two most popular ones are Joomla and WordPress. If you are trying to choose a CMS, this article will help you be able to choose the one that is best suited for building your website.
WordPress is generally considered to be the content management system that is easiest to install and use to build a website. Many bloggers believe that it is the absolute ideal content management system for them. There are very few people who understand that the WordPress content management system can be easily customized to fit your needs and wants. It is not necessary for you to have extensive knowledge of computer programming to customize it.
WordPress also has a good number of plugins that you can easily install on your website. These plugins give your website a built-in platform where they can automatically comment on your posts, and it will not be necessary for you to build additional scripts to accomplish the same result. However, most website developers will not find this a suitable stage because they will end up with quite a few bugs when they try to upgrade the website.

WordPress Pros and Cons

  • There is no need for modifications because WordPress is easy to use
  • It is an excellent choice for bloggers to use for sharing their comments in an orderly way
  • The content management system is so easy that a person with very little knowledge of technology can use it successfully
  • WordPress has the support of an expert community
  • Developers will not find it user friendly
  • Upgrading may result in even more bugs

In contrast to WordPress, Joomla is best for developers, designers, and website administrators. Joomla will allow designers and developers to make attractive and interesting websites by the simple and advance level of modifications that are user friendly. New tools and many plugins can be integrated with ease. It sounds a bit difficult for people who are new to technology, but it has a user interface that is very easy even for beginners to use. Joomla is a very user friendly content management system.

Joomla Pros and Cons
  • Joomla should be your choice if you like coding – it is very developer friendly
  • There is support from a strong community to help users
  • Joomla can be used for making attractive websites that have customized features and plugins
  • Joomla is not as user friendly as WordPress

The specific platform that you choose will depend on your motif and the purpose of your website. There are many factors that will influence your choice such as your budget, your programming knowledge, and your resources. To sum it up, WordPress is probably the best choice for beginners because of its ease of use, and Joomla needs some technical knowledge. WordPress is probably the best choice for bloggers because there is no need for you to have to build your own plugins. Joomla is a good content management system if you have the resources that are needed to use it properly. Developers will not experience the bugs that they will experience trying to use WordPress.


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