Keep your blog Busy, When you are Lazy

As many of you know, Abhi is lazy these days. Usually, most active when trying to win blogging contests (yes, four of them!) and doing his tech stuff around; it came as a surprise when he “announced” he was lazy these days and didn’t feel like being within a mile of his laptop. Shocking. For a person, who is super active with his online work, it is shocking.

Well, here’s a reality check. It happens. Yes, laziness is right around the corner and it might come pouncing on you one fine day. Maybe a sign that you need a break.

The bigger issue for bloggers here? Consistency is the key and absence will drive away your audience. Of course, they are a few loyal, lovely readers (cough, me, cough) who will always come by and comment and have a little chat even when you post after months! But then, most will run away. And that is the harsh truth.

Not only will you end up losing readers, your traffic might take a dip and rankings might go haywire. So to make sure all those efforts to better your blog stays put; here is something to keep your blog busy when you are lazy!


Tell your audience that you are going through a tough  lazy time and you just don’t feel like blogging. The readers will always appreciate honesty. Once you just go and come back weeks later telling them how busy you were, many not buy it. Your readers deserve to know the truth. And it is okay to be and sound human. Really.


Once you mention that you are lazy and feel like going away, drop a hint of how you would love someone to guest post on your blog. People are waiting for opportunities to guest post. They are hunting for blogs to get their networking and exposure to be done. The only drawback is that you will have to screening the guest posts.

The best part about having guest posts, is that the guest blogger will help promoting the post and thus the blog. They will help you get the word out. So, you have someone doing a bit of the marketing for you!


A lot of our older posts do get neglected over time. Publish them again. Make sure you have a little note in the beginning saying that this is re-run. Tell them why you think it would make for a great discussion and just see where the conversation goes.

A good idea that comes to mind is running your first ever post and telling people how much you have grown from that one! Or telling them why you love / hate your first post. And ask them to share their experiences!


You don’t have to sound super smart each time you post. Really. The post doesn’t always HAVE to be about your niche. Sometimes it could be a fun post – about your favorite movie, your bucket list, your favorites videos, the music you listen to, seven things about yourself…just anything that helps connect with the readers on a more personal level and keep the conversation going.

Let’s face it. Writing about these is easier. And readers love that they can read something about YOU and share something about themselves!


You must have made some online friends. Get in touch and ask them if you could run one of their old posts on your blog. Some might agree to it. But make sure you give them the full credit including their name and all and linking back to the post on their blog.


Always fun, if done nicely. And easy too. This is quite similar to the easy, simple posts I mentioned. However, here you could touch topics related to your niche. Like for example, Abhi runs a blog about blogging here so he could do list about any of the following –

  • The Social Media sites he loves / prefers
  • Three Blogs he visits / subscribes to
  • Four plugins every blogger must have
  • Five top themes

Play around with the numbers and topics. List posts are easier to write and you could always end them with questions asking people to share experiences.

So, no matter how lazy you feel, there are ways to keep the traffic and conversations going on your blog. Try a few of these and see how they work for you!

And yes, do tell us what you do to keep the blog busy even when you are lazy!

And Abhi, shake off the laziness, it’s been over a month!


Hajra loves writing and blogging is something she just got addicted to and now can't seem to let go! She has a personal blog at Hajra Kvetches. In her blog she complains about life and is fighting right back! Also she is a freelance content writer at Rockying Stalk her around on twitter Hajraks and see what she's up to!


  1. I like your first tip best. “Come clean about it.” Yes, be human!!

    I’d also suggest blogging about something out of the ordinary. Figure out if you can make some sort of weird tie-in to your niche, if you must (this would explain any number of posts like “What Charlie Chaplin Can Teach Us About Social Media”) but shake it up a little to get yourself out of the rut and maybe get your readers’ attention.

    Great suggestions, Hajra. 🙂

    • Many people don’t say it as it is. If you are planning a break, then go ahead and tell us about it. We might just help you out!

      Something out of the ordinary is truly your forte! Not a lot can handle that. It does require a little bit of shaking up and thinking around, not many lazy souls like me would do it! 😉

  2. Hi Hajra,
    Well I think blog is the best off-time engagement one can ever have. I think blogging is the best medium of relaxation. Most of all, I like blogging because it is the best source being used for interacting with your friends. Yes, you are correct that while feeling lazy, posting old post in a refreshed way is also the best idea. Thanks for the share!!

    • Thanks so much! I don’t find blogging to be my best medium of relaxation though.

      But yes, it is a great way to network. Wouldn’t say no to that!

      Have you tried anything when you didn’t feel like blogging?

      • Yes, I like to hang out with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter when I don’t feel like blogging.

        • That’s nice. I still don’t find Twitter so interesting. I find it hard to keep up with all the tweets!

  3. Thanks for the wake up call, Hajra! Hehe….

    I just did shake my laziness off and published an article before I published yours.

    I got the same suggestion from Ileane, like you said, come clean about it. It’s good to tell our readers that there is something and I am not going to be regular or be there, and when I will be coming back etc.

    Friend’s posts? What if the friends are so busy and don’t have enough time to write a post on my blogs? Hehe…

    You gave me four ideas for my next post already. You know, I use Evernote to keep my ideas in one place and I have around 10s of ideas on which I can write many different posts. But th point remains still there – Laziness! 🙂

    I guess, I am getting back to the track now. And thanks for the push. 🙂

    • LOL! It is okay, I hope you do get up!

      I noticed the article before this and yes, I hope there are many more to follow….soon! 🙂

      Just ask them about running one of their old posts. They might agree to it. It is already written and you just need permission! And they get back links! 😉

      Thanks for letting me push you!

    • Thanks so much Corinne! Guest posts can truly save the day… also, you have someone else doing the marketing and the publicity for you so always works!

  4. Blogging offers freedom, It is not always necessary to write long post and anybody can leverage blog posts, with videos, polls, etc. Of course guest blogging option is probably one of the best course of action.

    • You mention videos. I missed that. One can run a few of their favorite videos or maybe a video blog. People like that.

      Having people to fill in the gaps is definitely a good thing. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey hazra, blogging really makes me tired in spite of its interest. So, these tips are very useful to me especially refreshing the old post. I think this definitely works.

    • Hey Nilesh,

      Yes, blogging can be stressful at times. But once you make it fun, it might actually be fun and less of a “work”!

      An old post that you think deserves more attention or might make for a good read again, will definitely help in sticking to the schedule!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Maybe you could tell us what you do to keep your blog un-lazy! Who knows it better than the lazy people? 😉

  6. The title drew me here because that’s exactly what I am right now – lazy. Very useful tips you outlined up there, Hajra. Maybe I should REALLY consider guest posting already. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now but I haven’t gotten around to REALLY considering it. 🙂

    • Hello Maricel,

      I am sorry for the late reply. But I am really glad to see you here on my blog. Thank you for stopping by!

      And don’t forget to see the post, I have linked below my comment. 😀

  7. Hello Hajra,

    Good Post, I agree with your title by the way I also follow this rule. When I get bored or becoming lazy I also prefer to be on the blog doing something like customization or posting. Nicely framed, thanks for sharing.

    Sohil Memon.

    • Hi Sohil,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

      Can I ask you for a favor please? Will you please visit the latest post on OddBlogger? It’s in the CommentLuv link below. Once you read the post, you will know what favor I need. 😀

      Thanks once again for visiting.

  8. Hi
    This is a timely post for me. I had a really tough year in 2012, and because of dealing with a lot of issues, I became lazy.

    I’m beginning to break out of this, (and am looking for guest bloggers) with more writing and keeping myself motivated.

    I like the idea of redoing older posts. I’m glad you mentioned to let readers know that it is one of your older ones that you wanted to share again.

    Does Google give you a hard time about sharing older posts? Just wondering.

    Great post. Sally

  9. Great post Hajra. I’d suggest blogging about something Extra ordinary. I like the idea of redoing older posts. I think blogging is the best medium of relaxation.

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