Sure Fire Link Building Strategy For Mass Traffic

If you are a blogger that is getting only 50 visitors per day, then this is the post for you. Even if you get hundreds of visitors per day but want to reach 1,000 visitors, then this is the post that will get you to your goal.

Many webmasters and SEO experts say they have a secret way to get more traffic to any blog. Is this the truth? My guess is no, because getting traffic is not about pushing a button and it magically comes, there is hard work and dedication behind it. This is where my sure fire link building strategy comes into play.

Does my strategy work for any niche – Yes.

Can this be outsourced – Yes.

Is there any investment – Yes in time.

With the recent Google over-optimization penalty that took place I had to rethink my link building strategies and whether they will still work. After roughly 1 hour of contemplating new strategies I decided to stick to what I have been doing for a while now.

So, what is my sure fire link building strategy?

You may have already figured this out, but it revolves around a guest post. Like with most link building strategies that I implement, they all have a guest post in them and the reason is because guest posts are the best kinds of links you can get. In the photo below you will see exactly what I do and where the links are pointed.

Link Buildng Strategy

Now that you have a better understanding of how my strategy works, I want to tell you a few tips to get the most traffic possible.

Utilize Long Tail Keywords

Getting traffic is easy, but you need to go after long tail keywords as they are easier to rank for. Not only should you build links with long tail anchor text, you need to write articles using long tail keywords as well. The benefit of this is that all three of your articles will rank high on the search engines as opposed to only one.

Concentrate On Inner Pages

How many times do you link to your homepage compared to your inner pages? Being that you most likely have more inner pages, you should concentrate on them. The best part about spending more time building links to inner page is that your homepage will get stronger as a result.

Practice Link Diversification

Link diversification is very simple and in some cases, this is what keeps my websites at the top of the search engines. You probably already diversify your anchor text, right? So, why not diversify the location of your links as well. By this I am talking about publishing guest posts on different blogs, not the same one over and over again. Also, instead of using Infobarrel all the time you can submit articles to Ezinearticles, Hubpages, Squidoo and other high Page Rank sites like that.

Being that link building is an ever changing task, you need to focus on long term results. That is where guest posts come in. Throughout all the updates that Google has done, this is the one link building strategy that continues to work. Whether you write 1 guest post a week or 5 a week doesn’t matter to me, all that I care about is that you are using a link building strategy that won’t get your site penalized in the future.

I wanted to share my sure fire link building strategy with you so that you have similar success. If you try it and like it, then please leave a comment below. I always enjoy reading about other bloggers who find my strategies useful for them and their site. Also, here is a video that I created of this very same strategy with a slight variation.

Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder is the author of DormRoomCash.com. At DormRoomCash, Adam teaches his readers different ways to earn cash online though blogging and Youtube marketing. You can also see more Youtube Videos by DormRoomCash here.


  1. Nice post on link building.
    After the recent penguin update all the bloggers are compelled to think some new strategies and you presented a good one. As said in the first paragraph, this post was meant for bloggers like me.
    Thanks Adam for this amazing post !!!!

  2. Arbaz,

    I hope you like this link building strategy. I have been using it for a while now and it works better than most other link building strategies.

    • Chitra,

      I am not sure of what exactly you are asking. Can you be a little clearer on that?


  3. Wonderful link building tips Abhi. I had been skeptical about Infobarrel’s performance until now that I’ve read your article.

    • Nimsrules,

      Infobarrel doesn’t rank as high as Hubpages but they have a higher standard and I believe that Google will value their network more than Hubpages in the future. This is why I continue to write for Infobarrel as opposed to Hubpages all the time.

  4. I suppose when you first start getting 50 visitors a day is challenging enough let alone building a list of subscribers or even getting enough links to rank in the search engines. With so many updates from Google, it is hard to keep track. Diversification as you mentioned will be the key.

    • Building a list is obviously the best thing to do but with link variety you will get more subscribers as well as more long term traffic.

  5. Really well written post for Link Building. Guest posting is quite essential part of blogging and the best way to boost your link building is through guest blogging only. in guest blogging there are chances that the blog owner allows you to insert one link within the post and one in author bio.
    Thank you for providing this great post 🙂

  6. Thanks for your useful and meaningful article!

    I would say that if you contribute to the blogs, forums, social media sites then you are getting double benefit, the main benefit is you are getting targeted traffic to your site and other benefit is your site is ranking in search engines.

  7. Adam Snyder nice article and i am already applying your tips on my blog. I usually target long tail keywords and it seems to be working for me.

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