How to make money with Blog Engage – I made $750

make money with blog engageI joined Blog Engage in December 2011. And I guess, it was one of the most profitable moves in my blogging history (yeah, it’s not more than two years but still). I have already written about Blog Engage community and how it’s a right place for blog promotion. But for those who are new to my blog and Blog Engage, here’s what it is all about.

Blog Engage is one of the largest online blogging communities out there. It allows us to submit your blog Article(s) that will be placed in queue and promoted by the members to the front page. It’s not only the largest but one of the most interactive communities. For more information, you can read the article I linked in first paragraph.

Now, I would like to come to the main point. I know you are curious.

How to make money with Blog Engage

Join Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contests

For last few months, Blog Engage has been the main source of my income through blogging. As I said, I made $750 in last few month from Blog Engage. If you do read my blog regularly, then you might have seen my posts about $500 CONTESTS hosted over Blog Engage. And the good thing about contests there is that the contests are hosted one after another. The Blog Engage guy; Brian doesn’t take a break. The day a $500 contest ends, Brian is ready with another $500 contest the very next day.

I think, the point is quite clear now. I participated in Blog Engage contest #2, #3 and #4 (all are links, open and check them out) and luckily I WON first prize of $250 in all of them. Yeah, made a Hat Trick. The second prize is of $150 and third is for $100. Many Blog Engage members have made some good money with these contest hosted by Blog Engage in about every one and a half month. Of course, you will have to write a good article and get some traffic towards your article, get likes, tweets etc (yeah, that’s what contests are, and that’s what contests are for). I don’t think, it’s a bad deal to get $s in exchange of a bit of promotion. Oh yes, how can you forget about the traffic YOU/WE are going to have back from Blog Engage and solid PR4 back links.

There is a contest currently being hosted on Blog Engage, that is, contest #5. Maybe, you are a bit late to participate, there are only two days left to submit your entries. And 15 days left for article promotion and the winners will be announced. If you can’t prepare an article in two days then you can just wait for the next one (I am sure Brian will be having more. At least, I hope so. Brian, are you listening?)


Contest #5 is over and #6 has been started.
I have participated in Blog Engage contest number 6. And I would be really grateful to you if you can come and stop by my entry… Leave your genuine comments and do a little button dance by hitting all the share buttons…
Here’s my article: 10 Things That Make You Look Like a Spammer 


Contest #6 is also over. I won 3rd prize in contest #6.

Get a chance to win $1000 at the end of the year!

make money with blogOkay, it doesn’t finishes here. If you have participated in ANY of the contest over Blog Engage which were hosted this year then you will get qualified for the final contest with prize money of $1000 at the end of the year. Like, I participated 3 times, so I have 3 time chances to get that prize. Point which is to be noted is, this is NOT necessary that you should have WON any of the contests, but you should have participated to get qualified for the final contest. Isn’t that cool? So, if you don’t get any prize in these contests, you will still have chances to get the $1000 at the end.

This $1000 contest was hosted last year as well.


The final contest has also been started for Best Guest Blogger 2012. Please do support me and please like, share, tweet, +1, Vote, LinkedIn on my article and join the conversation.  Here’s the article: How did I win my 5 blogging contests back to back?


Update 4 The final contest is also over.

Sign up for Blog Engage!

I have mentioned this in my previous articles that the entry in this community is not FREE. You will have to pay one time sign up fee of $19.99… ok $20, fine? But $750 in return of $20, bad? huh? In addition to chances of getting $1000 at the end of the year. Uh.. now it’s time for YOU to think about it. You can visit this page to sign up for the community (aff link).

Earn money by being an affiliate for Blog Engage – Affiliate lights

Now, this is also a good way to earn money with Blog Engage once you have joined it. You can earn commission on referring people to Blog Engage; 25% for each sale you deliver. And also a $10 sign up bonus. It means you will get $10 for signing up for affiliate lights. The minimum payout is just $25, I don’t think it’s hard to achieve.

What’s on your mind now?

Do you think, Blog Engage is a good place to earn money (as I earned)? Would you like to join next $500 contest?

Abhishek Balani

A full stack developer, sometimes designer, passionate coder, tireless knowledge seeker, curious learner. I have a strong passion for new technologies, very autodidact and love to build new things from the ground up. Having 5+ years of dynamic experience accumulated from working in early stage startups to mid-sized organizations in Agile environment. Skilled in Python and related frameworks, React.js, Databases, Hadoop, Elastic Search and various AWS Services like Boto3, API Gateway, Lamda, EC2, EMR, CloudWatch.


  1. Way to go Abhi, I wish I could find more time like you do, from work to update my blog. I guess I will in some time, till then let it drop in SERPs 😛

  2. Hi Abhi, man what a great article. You worked hard and you earned this money. You had some crazy competition and you excelled to become the winner. This is such a great post to show some of the true benefits Blog Engage can offer. But hey, let’s face the facts, we only offer an opportunity, people make all sorts of excuses why Blog Engage doesn’t work for them, I don’t have time, to much competition, I’m just to late to join and so much more.

    This is why they are losers and you my friend are a winner. No body has the right to say they don’t have time, you won three contests, went to school, and worked all at the same time. If people want something bad enough they can make it happen, the problem is too many people are lazy, you my friend are not lazy.

    It’s been such an honor working with you and watching you grow over the past year. I hope you can join our next two contests as we proceed with the contest every 45 days. This is our goal and so far we are good to go.

    • You know Brian, when I was writing this article, I was thinking about those who keep b*tching about Blog Engage and I just tried to SHUT THEM up.

      I agree, I had to work hard, you how tough are all participants. And yes, we can make it if we really want something.

      What you are saying I am not lazy? Hajra, are you listening? See what Brian’s saying.
      Brian you gotta see Hajra’s next guest post which would be published on oddblogger in next few days.

      I would thank YOU Brian for hosting these contests and giving us a chance to earn some good amount of money, grow our blog, get noticed and whatever else you did.

      I hope, I can participate in the next one. One break was good enough to get rest. 🙂

  3. WOW Abhi!! Its a great amount I feel. Blogging is a source of income for some while its a medium of relaxation for some people.It totally depends on the person how they accept it. The tips that you have highlighted in earning bucks from blog engage is definitely going to be beneficial for those who wants to earn from blogs. I do blogging as it is my passion and a medium of relaxation. I also feel that blog is the best place to interact with people. Thanks for the share!! Great effort I must say..

    • Hello Aditi,

      You are absolutely correct there. Many people do blogging for hobby, that makes them feel good, but these days, most of the people do this for money, especially, youngsters.

      And yes, that’s true that blogging helps us to meet new, different people around the world. That is my favorite part by the way.

      • When blogging term was created, That means to Write the things you like the most. By now a days people makes blogging for the sake of money, you can clearly sees everyone who do blogging for their passion are become successful bloggers other not. I am agreed with you.

  4. Have read all the previous articles of you winning the contest Abhi! Always feel good when people succeed 🙂 May you have much more ahead! Cheers

  5. You are a poster child for how to make Blog Engage work for you Abhi, congrats on your success with the contests my friend. I have a fair share of earnings from BlogEngage myself but not nearly as much as you managed to make from winning the guest blogging contests.

    I may however be the highest affiliatelights earner, having earned over $261 just from affiliatelights commissions of Blog Engage though!

    • Hey Justin,

      I appreciate your visit here. Thank you for your wishes.

      You know, it’s really great how much you have earn from affiliatelights. I think, it’s the most difficult to earn from affiliates, don’t know why. But I think so.

      I have just started now (Properly) to work as an affiliate.

        • I was reading Ana’s blog before I decided to take a break from all blogging and online stuff. I was kinda tired. But I will be back to both of them for sure.

  6. Congrats Abhi. It is amazing what one can achieve when the right effort and determination is given to. This is how you make things happen and you have excelled in your efforts to get there. I guess that’s why you were able to “nick” these prizes.

    As I like to say, “the only person who make things happen is you” … lol, at least that’s where everything starts. Keep it up my friend.

    • Hello DiTesco,

      My first question is, where did you get this article link? From my message?

      You are the one of the best supporters, helpful friends I have got online. Really. These type of comments motivates me more. From you, Brian, Justin and all. Now there are so many awesome people around me.

      Thanks for you appreciation. It means a lot.

  7. Abhi – your a madman! Seriously though – you are solid proof that a hard working college student can earn some extra dough and have fun doing it! But it does take a lot of work!

    And even if you don’t earn that kind of money at Blog Engage? It is still well worth the investment in terms of networking with other bloggers and the exposure your blog will get!

    I think the failings people have with the service have been either A) Feeling they are not getting the type of ROI they were expecting (without doing the work) or B) Thought it was some type of magic fix to get them a million visitors to their site.

    • Hello Jason,

      It’s really good to see you here on my blog.

      I am just glad I could prove something.

      And you are absolutely right. If we see this in terms of network with new and AWESOME, professional bloggers and traffic to my blog, then I am a millionaire. LOL! no, but seriously, now I have got some many awesome blogging friends. And still getting some traffic from my old contest entries.

      I would prefer to not talk about those who don’t like BE and say that BE doesn’t work for them. I think, my article is a good enough answer to them. Just suppose $750 + Traffic + 4000+ backlinks + awesome blogging friends + network in JUST $20 or $30 (whatever is the price now).

      That is only WE who can make things work for us. As Brian said in his comments that he can give an opportunity only.

  8. Hey bro, Blog engage is a power house for bloggers. Seriously, it’s a must-join community and bloggers are making consistent cash through the contest. I was happy to be a sponsor for one of the contest (through EasyRetweet.com) and I’ll still sponsor more

    • Hello Enstine,

      Good to see you again here. Now, I feel this, too. Blog Engage is a must join community IF you are willing to GROW your blog and yourself as a blogger.

      Thank you for stopping by, Enstine!

  9. The only trouble being is that when you show up, you make it tough for the others!

    Well, I love the community over at Blog Engage and yes the contests sure are fun! Here’s hoping to be more active at BE!

    • Same is true for you! Actually, everyone there is tough.

      I love the community, too. And about being active, I am in top 5-6 users over Blog Engage. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by, Hajra!

  10. Hey Abhi,

    Mostly blogger’s know about your remarkable winning history on Blog engage platform’s indeed Brian always trying to arrange such type of competitions and getting chance for bloggers to getting money from that platform it also give publicity to Brian because it’s totally consists on Like’s,Tweets,Pins and comments.
    Indeed Blog engage also one of the best way to getting PR 4 dofollow link back 😛

    • Hello Rizwan,

      Yeah, of course, those contests benefit Blog Engage traffic and reputation. That’s what contests are for.

      The best thing about BE is that it hosts so many contests with big prize money.

      Yeah, I have got so many backlinks from Blog Engage.

      Thanks for your comments, Rizwan!

  11. For sure the power of good community is very important. I hope Blog Engage will continue this excellent trend and make many bloggers meet and exchange ideas.

  12. Hi Abhi ,

    First of all congratulations for making such good amount of money with blog engage… whenever i see a post related to money making i will be jumped to the link read about the users experience.. and u know i have learned a lot and got inspired from this post… however iam new to blog engage.. will soon submit guest posts on it..


    • Hello Md Sohail,

      Thank you for the appreciation. I am really glad my post could inspire you.

      I will be looking for your post over there. Good luck.

  13. Abhi, your success has enraged me with jealousy and envy. You rascal, that money won three times could have been someone else’s but you snatched it away! Seriously, congrats.

  14. Hey Abhi, I’ve already congratulated you for your success with BlogEngage contests many time. You did really a great job and you put hard work. You deserved that money.

    Thanks for sharing your success with BlogEngage. I will also participate in next contest there 😉

  15. Your hard working articles deserve the right to win these prizes 😉 However, it’s hard for new comers to produce such great content and get the price. It’s too late for #5 contest, but I will definitely join the following one

    • Hey Robert,
      Thank you for your appreciation and your visit.

      I wish you good luck for next time and hope you will keep visiting my blog.

  16. Very very congratulation on your success Abhi. But, I didn’t get that how blog engage will help me earning. Does this company is an affiliate company or advertising company? Plz reply…

    • Hello Nilesh,

      Blog Engage is community for bloggers. Blog Engage keep hosting guest blogging contest with big prize money, as I mention in the article. You can join these contests and win the prize money by staying at the top 3.

      You will have to pay one time sign up fees to join the community.

      Another part is, its affiliate network. You can be an affiliate and recommend Blog Engage to other and earn commission when they sign up for Blog Engage.

      You can make friends with really awesome and top bloggers with the help of this community. It will help you r blog to grow and earn reputation which will attract advertisers and sponsors.

      Let me know if you decide to join!

  17. its a good article…i like it and i like your blog as well. Can you tell us more about blog engage? is that a free membership blogging community or paid service article exchange arena? plz, more info about it.

  18. Hi Abhi,

    sounds really good and i will have a lookon Blog Engage.
    Thx for your tips and this amazing story about the hadtrick.

    Cheers from germany

  19. 750$ in few months.Am gonna definitely try this thing out.Please let me know your if there is a referall link.I will sign up under you.

    • Hello Meena,

      I am glad you are showing interest in this community. Yes, there is one time sign up fees and I would LOVE it if you use my referral link.

      You can find it in the article or just Click Here

  20. Hey Abhi, I have just recieved an email this week from Brian from BlogEngage about the new contest. I believe I will be joining this one. By the way, congrats.

  21. I’m a newbie in blogging, SEO and IM. Blogengage sounds really cool and I appreciate the way you worked with them. Hope I can also find some quality time and work with it. Best of luck.

  22. Hi Abhi,

    Great article about Blog Engage, the website is really great and engaging, it have all the opportunities bloggers may need from Increase their blog traffic to making money online through their Affiliate program and through Guest posting. I was able to make money through the Affiliate Program, but haven’t joined the guest contest yet.

    • Hey Qasim,

      Good to see you here.

      Right, BE is good to increase traffic, earn money and to interact new and awesome bloggers.

      I am glad to be a part of it.

    • Yes why not. It is open for every one out there.

      Don’t forget to use my link when signing up. 😀

  23. wow abhi your story is inspiring! give me some tips man! i always have trust issues before entering any website competition give me a few tips bro!

  24. hey buddy gone through you blog n read your experience., you had n strong competition & you did very well, congrats on your success..

  25. Abhi, I think you have done a good job on Blogengage. Its a good platform to make money both in terms of taking part in the competition and also its affiliate programme. Well done!

    • Hey Hari,

      It’s not in two year. It’s just in few months from ONE community.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  26. what a jackpot, gonna try it soon or later if not too busy, just heard this blogengage from here, ty for info bro

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