Mobile Influencer Marketing: Latest Strategy to Attain Success in Business!

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that almost everybody is on there. If you’re a brand, you can reach an immense audience simply by logging in and clicking a button to post a picture. However, some brands need an extra boost to really get their marketing potential going. That’s where a new phenomenon called “mobile influencer marketing” comes into the picture. This new jargon might be unfamiliar to some, but the concept is actually pretty simple—and powerful. Mobile influencer marketing is when a business leverages well-known social media “influencers” (people who have a large following that listens to and widely disseminates what they say or promote) to raise awareness of their brand. NeoReach helps make these connections between brands and influencers. Examples of influencers that NeoReach works with include Vine stars, Twitter celebrities, popular blogs, and more. The reason mobile influencer marketing is so powerful simply comes down to the fact that a bigger audience = bigger potential clientele and revenue. Leveraging mobile influencers is a new strategy that packs a punch. Below, we’ve compiled a list of key ways a business can implement mobile influencer marketing to grow brand recognition.

Advertise Subtly—Subtle is the New Powerful

People aren’t big fans of ads when those ads are blatantly obvious. We skip them on YouTube, fast-forward them on DVDs, and generally check out when they come on the screen. Disheartened? Don’t be. Mobile influencer marketing can be used subtly. Have your influencer promote the product in a way that appears natural and normal. You know your brand is the best and you want other people to see it too. Don’t make ads feel too obviously like a canned promo. Promotion should come fluidly and naturally; after all, your business is great and you know people will enjoy it the same way you have—they just have to try it.

Full Disclosure between You & Your Mobile Influencer

There are influencer and business guidelines that are specified on our NeoReach website. You want to make sure that you read and abide by these carefully. Ethics matter in business, as we’re sure all owners and marketers know. You must be upfront about your relationship and “material connections” with your influencer and vice versa. If consumers feel there is something suspicious going on behind the scenes, they will be turned off from your brand. Disclosing your connection clearly will let your consumers know that you’re a business that isn’t hiding anything because there is no need to.

Visuals MATTER

Don’t forget that one of the key points here is to market your business. You’ve attained a mobile influencer who is as excited about the product as you are and you want to make sure that that shows. Focus on visual marketing. Allow your photos to speak for themselves. Don’t be afraid to spend extra time filtering, editing, and capturing the perfect shot. Visual marketing is another very important part of this and the quality and appearance of the imagery you associate with your business deserves your utmost attention. You can also have fun with the way you structure your ads. Make them interactive, the way Red Bull did with its marketing; they started a “contest” between the three new flavors that they were putting out. Get people involved through stimulating visuals and fun promos.

Mobile influencer marketing is a new strategy that relies on technology—a sector that is rapidly expanding. Get ahead of the curve by capitalizing on this marketing technique. Websites such as NeoReach can help you do so. Attain success in business through maximizing your ad potential!

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