OnePlus 3 Android N Bugs | Should you upgrade?

It is been a while since the release of OnePlus 3 Android N update. But along with the nice update some annoying OnePlus 3 Android N Bugs have also been seen by many users. I am listing the known OnePlus 3 Android N Bugs so that you can decide whether to upgrade to Android N in Oneplus 3 or not.

The update has been rolling out in phases, not many users have got the update yet but the list of OnePlus 3 Android N bugs is increasing as more users are getting the update.  The following bug list is a collection of different users and from different sources. Some user are facing some bugs and some are facing the others.

OnePlus 3 Android N Bugs

  • Sound output switches from headphone to speaker when you take a screenshot while listing to music or video – Be careful with this bug. Here is why.
  • PlayStore not working – Many users have reported they are not able to download apps or update app from playstore. Clearing cache and data of playstore doesn’t help.
  • Proximity sensor doesn’t work sometimes
  • Camera lag in Manual mode – I also noticed this when I was playing with manual mode in camera. If you set ISO manual, the camera will start lagging a lot. Also taking the picture takes a lot of time.
  • Slow screen wake from fingerprint – I don’t face this problem but I have seen many people reporting this problem
  • Split screen weird behavior – Split screen behaves abnormally sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t work either for some apps.

How to fix OnePlus 3 Android N Bugs

Moving from one major android version to another major android version is a big update. In this case, OnePlus 3 is moving from Android M (6.0) to Android N (7.0). And we are supposed to do a full factory reset after getting this update. So backup your data, and do a factory reset. It is not sure that it will fix all of the problems, but it will fix some and give you better performance and battery backup.

If you don’t just want to wipe your phone, you can try booting to recovery and wipe cache/dalvik first.

I will be updating this list as I get to know more about OnePlus 3 Android N bugs. If you happen to know some bugs, do let me know in comments, I will add them in the list.


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