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On May 24, 2013
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There are many affiliate programs that work for payday loan companies. The most renown payday loan affiliate program is Payday Mansion.

There are many affiliate programs that work for payday loan companies. The most renown payday loan and pay per lead affiliate program is Payday Mansion. There are off course bigger ones with deeper market reach. Payday Mansion’s competitive advantage is the strongest marketing support system and the highest commission for affiliates. If you are interested, read the text below.

Here’s how Payday Mansion works.


Most Important – Great Cash

The highest commission that they can offer you is not a gift, and it is not over our operational profit. They give you it thanks to their specialization, good business relations with the industry, and cheap business model. Their best affiliates can even earn 50-70 thousand USD per month.

They consult program updates with affiliates

They never achieve so much thanks to affiliates. Their affiliate-oriented business model is based on continuous improvement of their business model and all the technical details that surround it. They had got through long debate about how their payday loan affiliate program should look like, what technical options it should contain. This is how it has become the program as it is.

Restricted Area – for webmasters only

Their cash advance program allows affiliates to get all the information they need to act from the dashboard within the Members Area. It is a restricted part of their website, that can be accessed with login and password. But to do so, you needed to get an invitation code, and afterwards become an affiliate.

Invitation code can be given by them or one of our affiliates. They trust in recommendations of affiliates, and they expand their team basing on them. When you obtain one, you can start registration procedure. It is very simple. You just need to give them your name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, URL of website, and your best online marketing methods.

Afterwards, your application will be verified in 24 hours. From the moment your application is approved, you can access the Members Area and use all the options of the dashboard. The dashboard is very clear and logical, its options can be used in seconds. Its use  is very simple.


Affiliate platform


At any moment you need help, you can contact affiliate support team 7 days a week. Use Skype, ICQ, or e-mail.


Summary report

The best program in the market should have all sorts of marketing methods that can be used. Their affiliates can base on landing pages, but also banners, popups and pop-unders, mobile marketing, e-mail campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns. They can organize your campaigns from actions to overall marketing strategies.


Sample landing page

payday landing page payday loan

Banners will help you generate traffic on your landing pages. They can be adjusted to the graphics of these pages. With proper call-to-action message they will put their contact details in the online form. This is how you leads are generated and you get your commission.


Bulk site generator

Reporting and getting paid.

In the dashboard you can generate all reports that you need. In the global reports you can check overall statistics. In performance reports you can see what are results of your activities  by subaccount, state, keyword or city. Also you can check up everything about traffic from referral program and on mobile applications.

image12Reports – Dashboard

Affiliate Agreement stipulates hold period. Hold period is 14 calendar days between one payment of funds for you and another. We send you money by PayPal or WMZ. In some cases we may be forced to extend hold period for you, due to low value of the due commission.  On the other hand the best affiliates can negotiate with us better terms of payment.

If you are interested in expanding your operations, you can take a part in our referral program. Referral program is when you recommend new affiliates and invite them to our team. If they complete the registration and generate traffic, you will get 5% commission for it.

You can use Mobile Apps

Mobile applications can help you out in generating additional traffic. We see how mobile Internet is expanding. It is a trend that you cannot miss. PaydayMansion has developed mobile applications that can work on iPhone and Android systems. You can organize your mobile campaigns in the dashboard. Here you can generate links and send them to a targeted group. Each download will be tracked by our tracing system. In this way, you will get more commission.


Generating new mobile app links


The final summary

If you don’t want to waste your time for cooperating affiliate programmes that sell everything that they catch in hand, from soup to nuts, you can join this program. They know how valuable your time is. In PaydayMansion you will work with one team, one group of customers, and you will get the nicest marketing support in the industry. And what may be also very important, the highest commission in the market.

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  1. Looks like a good affiliate program, will definitely check it out soon 🙂 Thanks for informing.

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    Thanks for bringing something new to me. I’m hearing about PayDay mansion for the first time and I think I’m gonna try it out.
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