RedGear Invador MK881 LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I just got my RedGear Invador Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and it is everything what you expect from a mechanical gaming keyboard.

When it comes to mechanical keyboard, there are not much options in the online market unless you are paying a lot money. This keyboard costs Rs 2999. Another keyboard which I could buy in this range was that antique TVS bharat gold mechanical keyboard which is too ugly to buy. So I paid a little extra and went with RedGear Invador Mechanical gaming keyboard tournament edition with RGB lighting.

The keyboard is a very good in build quality. Keys and the body does look premium. The font used on the keys gives a little faded, erased look, but it looks really cool. Keys feedback is very good and switches sound is very pleasing when typing really fast. 😀

There are multiple LED modes, presets and profiles which I have demoed in the video above. Very easy to switch between different modes.

This keyboard also has options for 3 Custom LED profiles. In this you can select which keys to light up specifically. You get a small instructions paper along with the keyboard with the details on how to change that modes and and to configure custom mode.

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Although there aren’t many other cheap keyboards, this isn’t the only one worth examining. Others can be found if you search hard enough. Several website offer excellent resources for finding additional options. Go Mechanical Keyboard, for example, hosts an article that covers the best mechanical keyboards for every budget. Most of them are priced quite reasonably. If you don’t find the Redgear Invador appealing, you might want to find some keyboards from Velocifire. Velocifire is a budget peripheral company that has received many good reviews on US sales sites, including Amazon. Regardless, I hope you can find a mechanical keyboard that suits your needs!

Which keyboard are you using? Let me know in comments.

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