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Review of: SEOPressor V5
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On March 17, 2013
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SEOPressor is one of the best premium SEO plugin out there in the blogosphere. Here's a quick look to what it does and how the plugin works.

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If you are in blogging from a while then I am pretty sure, you must have head about this SEO plugin named SEOPressor. SEOPressor is one of the best premium SEO plugin out there in the blogosphere. So many professional and regular bloggers are using this Plugin and are getting pretty good results and getting ranked in search engines. SEOPressor is one of the plugins which I mentioned in my post about Plugins for WordPress: WordPress Plugins 2013.

SEOPressor was first released in June 2010 by Daniel Tan and the plugin has attracted lot of bloggers since it was released. The SEOPressor team have come up with new and updated versions of SEOPressor plugin time to time with improved and better options. Recently, plugins was updated to and sent out as SEOPressor V5.

SEOPressor V5

What SEOPressor does and How

If you have heard or read about SEOPressor then you would know what the plugins actually does already. But for all those readers of mine who are new to this plugins, here’s what and how this SEO plugin actually does. And I will mention what are the features of this SEO Plugin.

The plugin is definitely not like an ordinary SEO plugin in which you set the SEO title and description and done. The plugin first asks you to set up to 3 keywords which you think can describe your post at best, there will be a SEOPressor widget in the sidebar of your post editor section. You can set the keywords in between when you are writing your article, before you start writing your article or at the end of the article. Once you have completed the article you can click on the button which says “Click to Refresh the Analysis” to see your SEOΒ scoreΒ and see if you have sufficient density of keywords in your article. It would look something like the following image:

SEO Score


Now you should get a score more than 80 to come up with a good search engine optimized post. Here the question comes that how you will get to increase your SEO score. And here comes the main role of SEOPressor. The plugin reminds you to do some specific tweaks in your post to get an optimized post in the plugin widget in right sidebar. It is just like there is an SEO expert sitting beside you and telling you how to optimize your post for search engines as you write your post. It reminds or suggests you things like, if you have your keywords in bold, in italic, if the keyword is in your H1, H2 and H3 tags and more things like that. If you already have worked on that suggestion then it mark it with green check and otherwise with a red cross.

Here’s how the post looks like when you have finally done with all the suggestions.


LSI Keywords

LSI keywords can be thought as related keywords. LSI keywords helps search engines to rank the content higher. The plugin automatically search and suggests you LSI keywords, keywords relevant and related to your main keyword, to help your content look more natural and Google friendly.

LSI Keywords

You can also search for related videos in the Videos tab.

Over-Optimization Warning

Over optimizationThis is not the end of the story. Here comes my favorite part. If you get SEO score between 80 to 100 then you are good to go. But what if someone includes keywords a hell lot of times in the post? The SEO score will cross 100 and the post will get over-optimize. Probably you already know that over optimization can lead to a negative effect when it comes to Google rankings and SERPs. In this case, this smart plugin warns you about over-optimization and suggests you what to do to balance it.

In case of over optimization, this is how all that looks:


can 2















More features of SEOPressor

  • Rich Snippets: SEOPressor allows you to enable rich snippets for your posts and show a rating for your article. Everyone knows how important rich snippets are today.
  • Social SEO: SEOPressor includes SEO for Facebook, OpenGraph tags and also SEO for Twitter.
  • Other than these you can choose to use your keywords as META tags and set META title and description for every individual article.
  • There are some more automatic settings for internal/external links, image links, Social SEO, post slug, keywords and more which can be set one time and you don’t have to worry about them every time you write an article.


Nothing as such but you may have to get your blogs PHP version updated to 5.2 or higher. No big deal, you can just send a simple message to your hosting support, or in chat that you want to get your PHP version upgraded, they will do it for you in few minutes.


How can I end this review without sharing the results. As I am still working and experimenting with this plugin, I can’t really say anything specifically about it. But I did see some change in my tech blog’s traffic. Here’s a picture of that:



SEOPressor plugin costs $47 for single site licence and $97 for multi-site licence. In a multi-site licence you can install the plugin on unlimited domains, blogs but with single site you can use it only for one site. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to try.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Here’s an in-depth video of how SEOPressor works from one of my favorite bloggers, Ileane Smith. I am sure it will help you better understand about this plugin.


Abhishek Balani

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  1. Thanks Abhi, for this informative article. For sure, SEOPressor is a very useful plug-in. Keyword density is an important thing to be considered for SEO. As I am new in blogging these type of information is very helpful for me.

    • Hello Lalita,

      THanks for commenting here. Stay connected, you will see a giveaway soon.

    • Hello Ileane,

      Actually, thank YOU for making such an in-depth video with easy to understand instructions. It is going to help a lot of people. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Abhi,
    It was great to see your review on SEO Processor Plugin
    SEO Processor is an awesome tool and you present it in some nice way

  3. Nice review, i am really excited about the giveaway hoping to win the Giveaway…. thanks for all your efforts….

    • Good luck to you for that. Keep sharing the giveaway with your referral link, you will get 5 more entries on getting one person to the giveaway.

  4. I really want to get that plugin after seeing your stats.I am not so good in SEO and keep reading about it regularly.This plugin can really ease the SEO part of blogging.I will be buying it if not win here with my first adsense check.Thanks for the review.

    • Of course, it’s better than YOAST. It has much more options than YOAST and much better in results.

      • Ok, but I googled Seopressor vs. yoast almost all were in favour of Yoast and the few who disagreed, were the ones who had done paid reviews!! πŸ˜€

        • The one and only reaso which I think why people prefer YOAST over SeoPressor is that Yoast is free. Keep reading more reviews you will know more.

  5. Can I use SEOPressur and WordPress SEO by Yoast simultaneously? Actually, I am using WordPress SEO but I have also own SEOPressor. Please tell me.

  6. Nice review, I like the way you present all options of the plugin. What do you use to make this frame at the right top of the post with review summary?

  7. Thanks for the review…I’ve been shopping around different SEO programs but had not made a decision…this looks like it might be worth trying out!

  8. Hi Abhi,
    Thanks for this blog post. It did occur to me how important updates for this plugin would be…it really boasts a lot, if it is to keep up with Google’s/other search engine’s perpetual updates as well.
    But thanks for introducing me to this really unique plugin!

  9. Plugin looking great and good in-depth review. Will love to use this On-page optimization plugin.
    Just want to know how is the support by the developer.

  10. I like the over optimization feature more than any other as it is really helpful for newbies who don’t know what SEO is all actually about in current era. Another good feature is that it suggests the LSI keywords and their role cannot be ignored.

  11. Hi
    I have been looking for a tool that will help me with my on page seo as I am always wondering am I over optimising am I under optimising it would be nice to get an idea as to what I am actually achieving this way and look how to improve as I see this getting more and more important.

    Going to give it a go thanks lee

  12. Hello Abhi..
    I never used a primium plugin for SEO.I currentely using SEO by Yoast.Now I am thinking making some investment. Because investment in right thing in blogging gives someone better result.SEOpressor seems very good.One thing i like most about it is it warn you for over optimizing.

  13. Hey Abhi,

    Nice review dude and its really good SEO plugin to play with in present market. As off now, I am using Yoast but now I am looking for this one. As I already participated in the giveaway so if I will win then it will a great news for me and if not then I will buy it..

    Vaibhav S

  14. Hi abhi…
    its awesome rele..
    I went through a no. of SEO tips and tricks to promote my posts in web but nothing could have triggered the growth of my business. Your review on SEO presser helps alot to improve my work on aspects of SEO..
    thanks for your nice review

  15. Great review Abhi as always! I’m currently testing it out myself and I have to say it is definitely interesting how it works. My concern is it having us over optimize our posts for Google rather then the reader though?

    Have to remember that tools are only as good as how we use them – and not have them use us πŸ™‚

    • OOPS! I missed this comment.

      BTW, I loved your last line of the comment. πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Abhi
    thanks for you post!
    i’m using SEO By YOAST, what do you think about that plug it, is it better than seopressor?

  17. Seo Pressor is definitely the best SEO optimization plugin. Seeing its features, its always an yes for this plugin. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Hi Abhi, this plugin works so good and you’ve written a better review of it πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing an elaborate review for this plugin.

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