[Solved] Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working | Windows 10

I have recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. There are few bugs with Windows 10 and few of them are very annoying just like the one “Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working“.  In this error your task bar will stop working, all the keyboard shortcuts which uses window key will stop working. There will be a pop up saying “Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working”  and will ask you to sign out and sign in again to fix it. But signing out and signing back in, even restarting system after signing out is not gonna fix it.

This is because of the recent Windows update build 10240.

I searched on a lot and tried lot of things but finally found a workaround which I have mention below in steps:

1. Open up task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc . (you won’t be able to do it from taskbar)

2. Click on File > Run new task

3. Write “msconfig” in the box and check the box which says “Create this task with administrative privileges”

Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working

4.  Go to Boot tab in Boot options, enable “Safe boot” and select “Network”. After that hit Apply and OK and Restart the system.

msconfig safe boot


5. Your computer will start in Safe Mode. Now repeat the steps again from 1 to 3 and uncheck Safe Boot in Step 4 and restart.

Hopefully, your critical error would be gone and start menu will work properly.

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug of critical error which I mentioned and working on a fix which will be coming soon.



Abhishek Balani

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  1. I recently installed Windows 10 and find out same problem. Due to this, i felt it seems like very difficult to handle. But your post really helps to me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for help dear. i was suffering from this problem since two weeks. Had a great visit over here on your blog.

  3. Thanks for the Life saving hack … i used another 3rd party software to fix the issue but it ruined my windows

  4. Thank you so incredibly much for helping us, Abhishek! 🙂 I encountered the same issue just a while ago, found your article and immediately applied your instructions. Problem solved on my end as another proof thanks to your caring genius and post. Stay cool and I wish you all the best!

  5. To all users who the same issue, follow steps above – it worked for me… thanks a lot…

  6. Hi Abhishek Balani
    I’ve been facing the problem when I upgraded my system to windows 10 and trying to find the solution not reached any proper glad to found on yours.I’ve asked the help to babanature too he has recently posted an post about windows 10 finally got it here thanks

  7. @Abhishek Balani

    I as of late introduced Windows 10 and figure out same issue. Because of this, i felt it appears like extremely hard to handle. Be that as it may, your post truly serves to me..


  8. It’s really great tips thank you so much I have implemented as you listed.

  9. Thanks a lot. Explained your instructions over the telephone to a girlfriend, and everything works fine on her computer now
    Thanks from her here in Holland

  10. Thanks for sharing steps
    Yesterday i Installed window 10 and found same problem but Step you gave here worked for me

  11. Hi,
    I have installed windows 10 and i have some issue in searched programs but i m now slow slow but it’s better than windows 8…

  12. Recently had this same problem & your fix worked like a charm. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  13. @Abhishek Balani

    I have introduced windows 10 and i have some issue in sought projects yet i m now moderate yet it’s superior to anything windows 8

  14. Hi…thanks for this but….when I have restarted the cursor has disappeared and I can’t access the ‘boot’ screen because it’s behind the task manager screen…any help would really be appreciated!

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