The Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

When maintaining a blog, it’s really hard work to keep updating at least 5 times a week, which is generally a good starting guideline for how often you should publish unique content. By accepting guest posts on your blog, not only do you lighten the load a little bit with maintaining the level of blog posts per week, but you’ll expand your audience. The more voices you have speaking on a particular subject, the more interesting conversations you will open up. However, not all guest posts are right and you have to do your research to find what kind of outcome is good for you.

Why should you not accept all guest posts? Well, some people might have a different niche than you. Although, it’s great to branch out a bit, at least make it correlate to your focus. Don’t let it be a random sports post on a blog about search engine optimization unless you’ve found something that correlates both niches in a really unique way. Also, make sure it’s beneficial to you, too. Let the writer be someone that’s pretty experienced, a higher page rank, so that way you build more of your credibility. Having constant posts that aren’t quality posts may hurt your site in the long run. Not only will less people go to your blog as it makes it harder to find a particular niche, Google may drop you down a little bit due to the inconsistency of the niche.

A great thing about guest posting is expanding your base. Both of you can do a post exchange where if y’all both see fit, you can have mutual exchange of information. You’ll get some good ranking with quality posts, and your guest will get the same type of deal. The great thing about this is that more of the visitors on the blog you post guest articles will start to follow you because you’ll have more of an authority. This will greatly increase the amount of visitors and subscribers which could be a potential money making asset to you. This way you don’t just focus on organic search engine traffic, but from actual blogs that correlate your niche. You’ll build a lot more targeted traffic that way, which really makes your blog more profitable if you decide to monetize.

Speaking of monetizing, some people are willing to pay you to accept guest posts on your site. Depending on how well ranked, indexed, and the type of traffic you get, you can get anywhere from $5 to $25 or more per post on your site. It’s an excellent way of building residual income. The most industry standard way to accept guest posts however is to simply allow another blogger the chance to share their voice without monetary exchange. Give it a try, you may be surprised the amount of value you can add to your blog with great guest posts.

The Author – Elizabeth Ryan is an Internet marketer and contributing writer for Invesp, a site that specializes in landing page design and conversion optimization techniques.

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