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  1. Great tips for creating a logo. I usually have a logo created for me as an afterthought and it never turns out like I expect. When you put it this way, I can see the importance of having a unique logo which goes well with the rest of the theme.

    • @Richard: Most big companies design their websites and other marketing material ‘after’ the logo is designed. Logo is the ultimate brand identity and any blogger who is trying to make it big shouldn’t ignore it.

  2. ‘Check the logo in different sizes’, this is why exactly I told you to why I prefer Illustrator that being a vector based software so that your logo doesn’t get pixelated while being scaled.

    Btw, I love your new logo, the colour combination matches with the scheme of your blog.

    • If you are planning to EVER go for offline advertising, a vector logo becomes mandatory. Most logos won’t look good when they are stretched to fit on a huge billboard.

  3. You know Logos makes all the difference, when a visitor comes to a site, the first thing they see is the logo, banner. Visual impact is the most powerful phenomenal in website design. Forget a DIY logo indeed, get it done by a pro.

    • @Shalu: You are right. Most eye-tracking studies would probably prove what you are saying. Left top area is normally reserved for logos and it’s seen by a LOT of people.

      I am not against DIY logo if you have good design skills. But most webmasters are not designers and they should let a pro work on the logo.

      • Hello Eric, I agree, if you can get it done by a professional that’s well and good. Alternatively, if the blogger knows how to produce a good logo/banner then that’s even better. If you look at my site, I had it done by a designer and it worked out well. Many bloggers have said that they have liked it. So indeed logo is one of the single most deciding factor for a visitor, if they want to stay on the site or not.

        • Hey Shalu,

          What do you think about the current logo?

          I made it a few days back.

          • @ Abhi, to be honest, its good. I like. One point though, the “O” of OD is not round. But overall its a good logo. You might consider using small letters, just a thought.

  4. That is really essential article that every designer should read. It is true that it should match rest of your blog design. Understanding of what logo is about, how it works, accuracy as well as effectiveness of a logo are some of the fundamental principal of logo design. First impression last forever.

  5. @Imran: I think my target audience included both bloggers and designers. Most designers probably already understand how to design a good logo, it’s the bloggers who need to realize the importance of a good logo.

    I agree, first impressions indeed last forever.

  6. Logo is important, but more important are layout and content of the blog 🙂
    @Eric – thanks for sharing

    • Well, then what do you think about the layout and logo of this blog, Chris?


      • I like logo and layout of this blog. For me only background colour isn’t “clear”. It should be white or something lighter than current colour (IMHO of course 😉 ).

  7. I have tried this logo designing thing, And now I know that It’s not for me.

    Any way, Great tips Dude !

  8. @Rajeel: I didn’t want to discourage bloggers / webmasters from designing. You should keep trying. You might be the next professional others hire. 😉

  9. I’m also a big fan of making sure you have your logo done as a vector style. Hopefully some day you’re going to need to blow it up to 8 foot banner size. Having it already as a eps or ai vector file is going to make that easy breezy.

  10. @Charles: Most companies and bloggers miss that. Your logo HAS to look good in small sizes (business card) as well as on huge banners.

    I am glad you brought up this point again.

  11. Very informative post. Some important tips for creating perfect logo. For me most important is that logo should match the rest of Blog.

    • Hi Saha,

      Thanks for your comments, good to see you again on my blog.
      I hope you did see the giveaway.

  12. Hi,

    Creating logo should be outsourced in my view. Let the experienced do it for you. Spending some bucks on this won’t harm when you a bigger objective on your mind. All are not capable of designing logos. A logo should be unique and must reflect the website’s/blog’s motto, to the extent possible.

    Amit from iTechCode

    • @Amit: I am glad we are on the same page here. If you have the skills you can design it yourself too. I prefer to let the expert do their work. Almost all businesses of decent size don’t their accounting and audits in-house, why should company’s face – a logo be a DIY job?

      For bloggers logo is often what visitors will remember. Do you remember the outrage when TechCrunch redesigned their logo? 🙂

  13. I always say you should pay to have it done. A logo can either make or break a website or blog. I have a few sites that I am getting ready to get a new logo for. One of them should actually be going up tomorrow. :]

    • @Gary: All the best with your new website. I like the probloggingtips logo, did you also try the vertical alignment of letters? The blog definitely needs some images 😀

  14. No, I don’t think I tried a vertical one. I had created a logo contest and got many entries. That was the best one out of all of them. I am really not even set on the theme of the blog to be perfectly honest with you. And I am going to be working on some images here very soon. As you can tell it’s still in it’s infancy.

    When I got it a little over a month ago it was a PR0 and then after the Google update I had brought it clear up to a PR3. So I am pretty excited about that.

    I have still not got the logo up for the other site quite yet. I will come back and let you know when I do. I think I actually like the logo for this other site I am talking about. I am just waiting for the Twitter Avatar and Twitter background to be finished and then I will install them all.

    • @Gary: Logo contests can result into great designs sometimes. I hope you took the PSD/svg file from your designer. I missed that part for years and realized it’s importance when I wanted to get business cards printed for the first time.

  15. Yeah, I got the .psd. I always make sure that is clear in every contest. I used to do some small design work, so I am familiar with those kinds of things.

    It took me a very long time to find a blog theme. I never really did fall in love with one. So I settled with that one. Settling is never a good thing. Maybe, one of these days I will have the money for a custom theme.

  16. A good logo increases the recall value of your site. Given the huge number of sites, this sure gives you an edge over others.
    I got a logo made sometime back but was just not happy with it. So, I decided not to use it.
    After all, I guess, not having a logo is better than a bad logo!

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