Top 10 questions that bloggers should ask to themselves

This post suggests the Top 10 questions that bloggers should ask to themselves.

Let me tell you all something. Blogosphere is now swarmed by millions of bloggers now.

Yes! Tumbler.com states that there are more than 100 million blogs with billions of blog posts incorporated.

Ok, will continue to discuss about blogging.

What is a blog?

A blog is a collection of organized content and a blogger is person who prepares the content for a blog.

People pursue blogging for various reasons. To connect with minded people, improve writing skill, share the updates with family and friends, have fun, help the people, promote something and so on are some of the reasons for this interest. But some people believe that the blogging is a business to make money online and thus had started their blogging carrier without understanding its basics concepts. Due to reasons such as not having perfect goals, bad SEO, lack of experiments and fear of learning, the possibility of making money with blogging has reduced considerably. This finally leads the bloggers to “quit blogging” as they have failed to make money with blog.

If you consider blogging as a hobby or a medium to have fun and stress relief, then I can vouch you that you will learn all the stuffs confidently by doing continuous research as you are not bound by any commitment to making money with it.

On the contrary, if you had started blogging profession just to make money online, then you need to ask some questions to yourself.

Let’s check what are those possible questions!

Blog Questions and Answers

10 Questions that bloggers should ask to themselves to succeed in blogging

1. Do I have exact goal?

This is the basic question that the bloggers should ask to themselves. Not only in blogging, it is impossible to succeed in any business without having a perfect goal. First fix your mind to a simple goal as it allows you to reach your target soon and boosts your confidence levels. Keep increasing your goal settings and finally aim for bigger objectives. Fixing good goals really provokes you to perform well in blogging.

2. Am I having a good blog design?

Having clutter blog design would make the readers annoyed and they would jump from your blog without reading your magnificent content. The more user-friendly your blog, the more users would bookmark it and visit frequently. So it is essential to have great blog design with easy navigation.

3. Did I select my fascinating niche?

If unfamiliar niche was chosen by you, it is hard to update your blog with latest and new stuffs. So the more you know about your niche, the easier for you to maintain your blog with superior content.

4. Is my writing style is good?

A blogger should be a good writer because blogging is primarily a writing medium. Check your writing skill and if you are not good in writing, try to improve it by continuous practice. Writing similar to conversing with others will set the initial tone to perform in your blogging arena well.

5. Am I unique blogger?

Following some influential bloggers is good but copying their style is bad. To stand out high in the blogosphere, it is imperative that you should speak with your own voice and offer your visitors something different. This would ensure good readership of your blog.

6. Am I targeting the minded persons and helping them?

Targeting audience is vital in blogging to drive quality traffic to your blog. Do keyword research, know where your audience are present and identify what they are searching. Reach them through genuine ways and solve their needs and problems with your valuable blog posts.

7. Is my blog improving?

If you have been blogging for a long time, then its high time you check the readers engagement through discussions in social media, email response, number of comments etc. Updating the blog with trendy topics would advance the performance of your blog.

8. Am I generous?

Accomplishing the blogging stuffs selfishly would ruin your character and shall be disliked by search engines. So try to be generous by sharing the blog post of others, perform guest blogging and leave worthy comment on other blogs.

9. Is my blog is having good social presence?

Having good social presence is a dynamic trick for a blog to stay safe from Google animals like Panda, Penguin and Zebra. Do not over promote your blogs, but try get more social signals with the help of communities and social networks for your blog posts.

10. Am I aware of blog security and is it backed up?

It is the most important thing that your blog should be properly secured from the hackers and the competitors. Use strong password, install security plugins, use upgrade antivirus software and backup your blog regularly.


Asking questions yourself would improve your productivity and getting solutions for your questions would let you to reach the blogging goal effortlessly. Just ask these questions to yourself and use the tips given by me.

Don’t panic, it’s just an alert post for all the bloggers to perform an enhanced blogging and to make money with it. If your answers for all the above questions are optimistic, then I am sure that your goal of viewing the blog as a medium of monetary benefits and minting a career out of it is nearer. And if you struggle in answering any of these questions, then it would be better to find key for it.

As I mention always, your comments are valuable to me. If you feel that I have left out any important question that bloggers should ask to themselves? Let me know, will ask it to myself 😉




Nirmala is devoted blogger, founder of Mymagicfundas. She is a tech lover and interested in writing articles on her fascinating subjects.


  1. Hey Nirmala,
    Now that’s some questions you should ask yourself as a blogger. I totally agree with them! 🙂

    Another question I’d like to add up; Are you Blogging for Money or for Passion? If it’s for money, just walk away 🙂

    • Nice to see that your are the first commenter of my post Bro, thanks 🙂

      Why you are asking the bloggers to walk away, if they blog to attain the monetary benefits Amal? Am surprised with your comment!

      • I’m not asking Bloggers to walk away. I’m asking people who are in greed of money to walk away! 🙂
        The internet would be a better place if people roll out content with passion and if they won’t flood it with SPAM content!

        Earning money via Blogging is something you should gain only if someone deliver worth content, think outside the box and without much greed of money. 🙂 Right?

        • Ok! accepting your views Amal and I really appreciate for the responsive reply to my question.

          Hats of to your passion in blogging 🙂

          • I’m glad you understood what I was trying to convey 🙂
            Thanks a lot and best of luck Mam! 🙂

    • Hello Amal,

      Thanks for showing up and leaving your thoughts. I hope to see you around my blog more often.

      • Hi Abhi,
        I’m starting to like OddBlogger which makes it sure that I’m gonna visit back here soon! 🙂
        See you around! Cheers!

  2. Hi Nirmala smashing post filled with a ton of great content for bloggers. I know when I first started blogging I don’t ask myself any of these question I simply jumped right in and without a question in my mind knew I wanted to blog. I think ti’s important however at anytime in your blogging career to still consider these question you have and to try and find the answers, it’s never too late right?

    • Thanks for commenting Brain 🙂

      Yeah, but some are initial questions (1, 2, 3 and 6) which should be asked at the earlier stage to thrive in blogging effortlessly.

      Remaining questions should be asked to themselves if the bloggers struggle to make money by blogging.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your comments. After a long, I am seeing your comment on my blog. It’s good.

  3. I am totally agree with you first questions. With no goal you will get no where to go. Goals provide enough energy do well. It is also correct that your writing style should be unique that can engage more reader than any thing else. More or less you covered all the topic that we should follow before start bogging on blogsphere. Thank you very much for sharing these question with us because , we always have these questions in our mind but never try ourselves to engage with them.

    • Its good to see your comment here Chandan and thanks for sharing your point of views related to this post 🙂

      Yeah, these are the essential questions that the bloggers should ask to themselves to succeed in blogging.

      Questioning alone is not enough, the bloggers should have the key for thesee questions. If not, they must find it out!

  4. One of the best post by Nirmala Mam about blogging. Nirmala Mam I have learnt many things from you and just want to say thanks for this wonderful post. Great sharing mam!

    • It’s nice to see you here Ankit, thanks for coming and appreciating me 🙂

      Glad you learn some useful information through my post.

      Keep visiting here and read more!

  5. Nice way to explain top 10 questions with top 10 answers. I totally agree with you in each aspect of your points. Generally many bloggers can’t find their fascinating niche at right time and get demoralize from the blogging world. It has already happened with many of my friends. May be it is because of not proper training and attention to this field of blogging. But if your target is set, you can easily rock the world. Thanks!

    • Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for coming here and glad you are accepting my views linked with the blogging questions.

      Very sad to hear that many of your friends had quit blogging.

      Yes, it is imperative for the bloggers that they should choose their favorite niche to update and maintain the blog easily.

      • I am also glad that you are appreciating my opinions. Maintaining the blog and favorite niche is a very excellent way for performing well in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing your precious thoughts with me.

  6. #8 is the quickest way to expand your presence Nirmala. Love the post! If you promote people, people promote you in return.

    This is sowing and reaping in action; a quick and simple way to become popular is to help other people become popular.

    Fab post Nirmala, keep up the great work!!


    • Thanks for contributing your favoring comment here too Ryan 😛

      Glad you liked my post and am pleased with your appreciation.

      Yes, you are right! Helping others would improve our self to do better blogging.

  7. Hi Nirmala, these are really important questions for any bloggers to check themselves against the blogging success. I liked the order in which the questions are composed.

    Setting blogging goals and acting accordingly to achieve the goals is really important to get what you want. However, I’ve noticed most of the newbie bloggers are missing this point.

    I get questions quite often like “I’m blogging for 2 years but I’m not earning much from Adsense, what should I do?” I ask for their URL and find they are optimizing for one thing and expecting the another kind of result.

    Generally there are two kinds of posts – problem solving & knowledge sharing (or sharing experience). The former is good for revenue through Ads like Adsense while the later is good for building brand and proving your authority.

    Bloggers are writing knowledge sharing articles and expect more money from Adsense. It would be much easier if they were writing problem solving posts. Often people use search engines to find solution to their problem.

    Ahh! the comment will go too long to explain this concept. I will rather write a separate post on this topic.

    Anyway, Thank you Nirmala for presenting all the points for a blogger to care and also for offering me a post idea 🙂

    • Am very much impressed with your long comment and happy to hear that my post had offered a new blog post idea to you Suresh 🙂

      Accepting your views and it is now clear for me that the problem solving blog posts would earn more with Adsense than knowledge sharing posts.

      Well explained Suresh, many thanks!

      I really appreciate your FB share of this post and I greatly inspired with your activity.

      Delighted with your support, keep doing it for me 😉

  8. Great post, awesome writing skills mam, funny thing is that i haven’t asked myself many questions from that list. but now i think look after these questions.

    • Feeling good with your comment and happy to see you here Yaseen 🙂

      Its really good that my post had stimulated you to think about the important questions.

      If you have answers, it’s fine. Otherwise get answers for it soon.

  9. Hey Ma’am,
    How are you? I always have high expectations from your writing and so no doubt that this is a good post or not. Its superb one. The point which I liked the most was the 8th one, you need to be GENEROUS when it comes to blogging.

    Thanks for such a great share.

    • Thanks for appreciating my work Charmie 🙂

      Yes, you should not be self-fish like sharing your post and writing for your blog only.

      You should help others by sharing, commenting and contributing guest posts for friends and other bloggers.

      These activities would let the search engines to make love on your blog and this finally result in high SERP for your blog.

  10. Some of the questions are too familiar to me as they were mine once and still are. Of late, my burning desire is my blog post should offer a solution or point to the best answer for the problem for which the visitor was directed to my blog by the search engines.

    I noticed one familiar person here; Bbrian of Blog Engage. If he spends time in this blog, then, I should also subscribe to the feed.

    @Amal Rafeeq, I blog for money with passion! (smile)

    Good blog here Abhi Balani. So young and so good!

    • Am so happy with your presence Malathy 🙂

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving your comment.

      Yeah, i know these are your familiar questions and thanks for sharing thoughts.

      Yes, I too think the same about Bbrain and decided to visit here frequently.

      Am glad that I have been taken part as a guest blogger in both young blogger’s blog Abhi and Amal.

      Both are simply great, learning a lot from them 🙂

  11. I love how you added color to the headlines here, made it so easy to read Nirmala. #6 is the question I’ve been asking myself if I have been targeting the right audience. They all are great questions!

  12. Am surprised with your visit for my post Lisa, many thanks for commenting 🙂

    To make the post easily readable by the visitors, I colored it in red.

    Yes, targeting audience is vital in blogging and it would be good if your posts reach them.

    Am pleased with your appreciation too!

  13. Wow, very informative post ! As a blogger everyone should ask these questions themselves. To be a successful blogger, everyone need to look behind them and their work ! Sure it will improve productivity.

    Nice share, have a great time ahead !

    • Am pleased with your comment Bishnu 🙂

      Yes, questioning ourselves and finding the keys for the questions would definitely improve our productivity.

      This would pushed us to do an enriched blogging too.

  14. Hey Nirmala,
    Valuable questions which every bloggers need to asked before starting the blogging career and also to make point that making money its not an easy task its need a efforts and patience sure one day you will gain the credit thanks for the wonderful post keep rocking

  15. You are my inspiration Shameem and thanks for supporting me to do blogging.

    Its good to read your thoughts related to my post. Yes, efforts and patience will make the bloggers to yield good results.

  16. Though I don’t comment regularly on blogs. But this write-up forced me to do so. Clarity in writing is the best thing, and you have it! And the greatest thing is that we must never stop learning, that’s the lesson of this post! 😀

  17. Asking these questions and attending to them will only make one a better blogger. Being a blogger is not just about publishing articles on your blog, there are so many other things one needs to know and do to secure his blog and to also make it excel.

    You have shared a good number of questions every blogger should ask himself and if these questions are well addressed, then such a blogger is bound to succeed. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post. It’s always nice reading from you.

    • Thanks for coming here Nwosu,

      Yeah, you are right! A blogger should take care of lot of blogging activities and ready to update themselves with new stuffs.

      Its good to read your point of views related to the blogging questions and am glad that I got appreciated by you 🙂

  18. Nirmala, another great post. Even if a guestpost doesn’t mention your name as author, I would guess it by your unique style, and I love that. You have mentioned all great points. Amal has also a great additional point, and I agree. Blogging for money is OK, but blogging ONLY for money, means that will not go longer and successful. Keep it up, Nirmala.

    • Your presence always makes me delighted Jignesh :), Many thanks for coming here!

      Really? Feeling good that you like my writing style. Its nothing but simple n clear for my readers.

      Thanks for sharing your Opinion about blogging, am glad with your encouragement too 🙂

  19. Hi Aditya,

    Thanks for showing your presence here. Yeah, I haven’t see you through comments. You know, blog commenting has countless benefits.

    Recently, I reached 1000 comments for my 5 month old blog and to share my happiness I wrote a blog post about blog commenting.

    Leaving worthy comments on various blogs of same niche is a perfect off-page SEO. So I am suggesting you to do blog commenting to improve your blog.

    Anyway, am very happy that my guest post stimulated you to left your comment here, thanks 🙂

    • Its really good that your are accepting my views linked to important questions of blogging and glad that you’re gonna follow it 🙂

  20. Due to load of office work. Sometimes i ignored working for my own blog. And i know this very well that it is not good for the health of my blog. I need to take care of this. Anyways Thanks for you support. TC

    • Yeah, If you are a part time blogger, then it is hard to take the time out to do blogging.

      But if you are having passion, then it would bring quality time for you to perform better blogging.

      keep blogging 🙂

  21. Thanks for the helpful an insightful questions for bloggers. Truth to be told I always find myself not following best practices or great tips like this for bloggers

    • If you are a passionate blogger, then it would be easy to follow the blogging tips.

      Do blogging with dedication, you’ll succeed effortlessly.

      Thanks for reading my post!

  22. Hi Nirmala,

    These are some very important questions that every blogger should have an answer to.
    But I have one questions. How do we get a proper solution to these questions? Suppose, I think that my writing style is good, it’s interesting. Now since I think it in this way, so I give give a positive answer to my question. But maybe my writing style is not suitable for my readers. So how do I know it? Yes the amount of visitors and engagement on our blog is a measurement to know that. But is that all?

    In short, is it okay if we ourselves judge and give a solution to all these questions?

    • Good question Sourav!

      Every blogger should ask these questions and should have relevant answers. You are asking “how to know that I am not good in writing or improve my writing style?” isn’t it?

      Take this guest post as example, I reached more than 30 comments from different readers. Hope am writing better and I still wanna improve more to get more comments.

      See the response for your blog post. If it contains awesome content, then it definitely stimulate the readers to leave their thoughts. Also at the end of the post, ask them to share their opinions about your blog, blog design, writing etc. From their replies, try to identify the stuffs that needs to be improved.

      Another way is to get opinions from influential bloggers through blogging communities or blog commenting. Ask them whether your blog is good and perfect or needs improvement in what aspect.

      Am sure, most of the bloggers are having great helping attitude and so they will help you to do an enhanced blogging.

  23. Great post Nirmala! As part of succeeding I would like to add one more crucial tip. We know blogging is great for SEO and conveys a very powerful message over to Google when produced beautifully. So, as part of the ‘success’ story for a blogger, if one can articulate and allow themselves to be found through each blog post via search, that is a success story itself and definitely should be included when a blogger sets a goal or target.

    • Oh, that’s great point added as a valuable information for my post.

      Many thanks for it and am feeling good with your appreciation too.

      Am glad with your activity Shameer, keep doing it for me 🙂

  24. That’s some great questions which should be asked to themselves.I think i had asked some of these questions myself before.Any way new ideas may evolve in the form of questions! Thanks for sharing this with your readers 😀

    • Glad you’ve asked few listed questions to yourself.

      Thanks for reading my post and sharing your point of view Nithin 🙂

  25. Thanks for contributing your favoring comment here too Ryan

    Glad you liked my post and am pleased with your appreciation.

    Yes, you are right! Helping others would improve our self to do better blogging.

  26. Very basic questions but very thorough too.
    I have never thought about them earlier, but after reading your post i have one through them and have also noted them down on my chart. How a blogger answers them really matters for his blog a lot. My favorite question was about niche.
    Really very cool post….keep sharing!!!

    • Am happy with your comment saying that you’ve noted these basic questions. Yeah, if he/she answers perfectly without hesitation, then no one can stop him/her from making money 🙂

  27. Hey Nirmala that were some basic question which surely ask you that are you in the right direction . Well I loved the post..

      • Hello Nirmala,

        Thanks a lot for the constant promotion of your guest and participating actively in comments. I really appreciate it.

  28. They are all great points, and I am sorry to divert from the topic but I have been searching for a good sharebar plugin – would you mind telling us the name of the one you use here? Thanks

    PS – This is the first time I have seen Generosity mentioned as an attribute for bloggers – I never thought of it before but yes, I think that is a vital part of a blogger’s attitude.

    PPS – Use the cloud for backing up as well as physical backups of memory! It will save a lot of trouble if something goes wrong!

  29. Great post Nirmala! I think I am getting most things right, my blog is now getting 600 daily visitors from Dubai in the UAE, but I still cant seem to make any money from the website! Hopefully things will keep getting better, have been running site now for one year.

    Thanks! Once again great post and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for reading my post and appreciating my work Charles.

      Sad to hear that you are not making money with your blog, yeah, it happens. The only way is to research more and target the minded people.

  30. Hi Nirmala ! This is a good read. The questions you have mentioned are really key points that must be considered in order to achieve the blogging goal easily. Thanks and keep sharing.

    • Yeah, these are the basic and essential questions that the bloggers should ask to themselves to thrive in blogging effortlessly.

  31. Awesome post and ea must see website for every blogger who wish t have success in the field of blogging!
    thumbs up to the author for creating such a wonderful website!

  32. Hello Nirmala mam,
    I incidently popped into this blog, and saw your blog post ! 😀
    Well after reading the article, I must say you added some questions from my mind into this 🙂
    I’d like to add one more question to the list,
    “What makes you different from other bloggers on your niche?”

    Anyways great article mam,
    keep posting 😀

  33. hello nirmala ji ,,,,,, nice post ,,
    thanx for sharing your views ,,,
    you give a right and a good conclusion ,,,,
    thanx ,,,,
    can u tell about guest posting ????

  34. this is second time i am going to comment but my comments did not approved by admin i did not done anything wrong then why my comments are not accepting?

    • Reason #1 is no real person can have a name like “Mobile Pk”. Another reason is, why the hell you don’t have a gravatar associated with your email address?

      Was that enough for not approving your comments?

      Your email address also looks spammy to me. I don’t think you will be checking the reply notifications.

  35. Hi Nirmala,

    Great post! I guess that if a blogger chooses the right niche that fascinates him, then there’s nothing to worry about. Work will feel like play 🙂 Am I right?

  36. Yes, You are right Arun 🙂

    If you blog about your fascinating topic, then it is easy to do readings and update your blog.

    How you got this old post :P?

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