Top 10 Ways To Use Youtube In Your Marketing Campaign

YouTube in Marketing Campaign – YouTube is a popular online video wonder. More than a medium, it serves as an excellent tool to promote your business or online content.  If you have not used it until now for promotion purposes, then just give a thought for it. Until now, billions of views have been recorded overall for all the videos and 45 terabytes of videos have been uploaded. It is one of the best online video medium and the top rated website for browsing and watching online videos. There are some issues associated with YouTube. That could be the poor quality of some videos, no special features etc. However, YouTube remains the No.1 website for watching and downloading online videos. With such a popular website available online, you can make use of it for promoting your business, film, article content or blogs. The content or business promoted through YouTube attracts a huge base of customers. Now, just imagine how much a marketing campaign can be benefited from YouTube.

Marketing Campaign YouTube

The latest trend in the cine market is to advertise and promote their films on YouTube. The teaser will be posted on YouTube and millions of users would view it. The film will become a big hit even before it hits the screen. However, there are some points that you have to keep in mind and think about that. With so much of videos present online on YouTube, how would you make your video content get noticed uniquely among the others? You do not have any facility in YouTube to make your content exclusive and unique, but still you can do something to drive more traffic towards your video. This article is going to help you on that i.e. how to make use of YouTube for promoting your business. Below are mentioned top 10 ways by which you can use Youtube in your marketing campaign.

1. Come up with your own channel on YouTube

Creating an own channel for your business is the first and basic thing that you have to do after entering into the YouTube and before posting your videos on the website. Generally, a channel will be automatically created when you sign up with YouTube. The thing is you have to maintain it properly. Within the channel, you can create your own profile, organize contents and create playlists.

2. Choose perfect account type suitable to your Marketing Campaign

You will be given an option during the sign up process of YouTube to select an account type for your YouTube account. Different account types will be there and the basic type is standard. Each type has its specific role on the website. For example, ‘a director account’ lets you produce your own web videos and allows adding custom logo to your profile.  Similarly, each account type has its unique feature and you should select the one based on your business needs.

3. Create short videos

The best way to make your users to watch your video is to make it short and sweet. The running time of video should be 5 minutes or less than that. If you have long videos to play, then break them into different segments and attach them in the playlist.

4. Tag videos properly

After creating your video or uploading from any sources, just make sure that you have organized your video under perfect category and tagged it. You can always check with other videos about how they are tagged and categorized, which will finally pay off. It may not be possible to fit your content exactly under one category, but still a related category will work when doing a similar search through keywords option.

5. Create playlists

You might be adding your own videos to the list or include videos from some other sources, whatever it is do create a playlist for all the videos that you include in your channel. It makes the user experience great and easy in searching for your channel videos and they will sure express their gratitude for it.

6. Use YouTube promotion facilities

You do not have to wait to see who has visited your profile and watched your videos. YouTubeoffers you some self-promotion facilities. Make use of that to promote your videos. Such a facility is sending emails to the users. Similarly, you can create bulletins from your profile or from other people’s channels. Bulletins are nothing but short messages to the users.

7. Create video responses for other user’s videos

It is so simple to create video responses. Instead of commenting on a video of other users, you can create video responses right below the main video player. You can even record your video using your webcam or upload from your previous videos. However, make sure that your response is related to the content of the main video.

8. Join Groups

YouTube has a great community groups online. You can search in YouTube for different groups and you can join a category that is related to your marketing campaign. You will get more audience in a group. People joining your group will view your content and it directly increases your traffic.

9. Make use of YouTube streams

You can contact the YouTube team directly through the streams. You can share your videos online and discuss about your videos in real time through YouTube streams. This gives you an option to chat with the users in real time about your videos and know their feedbacks on your work.

10. Active sharing

It is a latest feature that lets you drive more traffic to your content. This feature will make your name visible on the side of the video that you are watching. If another user who is watching the same video gets curious about your detail, then he will visit your profile page to see your videos. This is another way of attracting users and drying traffic to your content.


This is a guest post by Janice Noel. Janice is a freelance writer and photography enthusiast. She loves to collect good images as wallpapers and publishes them on her blog CulLogo a great resource to download free HD wallpaper.


    • Hello Emmanuel,
      Thanks for your comment. Youtube is worth trying if you are planning to reach wide variety of consumers.
      Keep visiting 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Jason,
      I am sure if you use Youtube for your marketing purpose, you will make it your partner.
      Keep visiting 🙂

    • There are many tools for ex: Animoto, it helps to create free youtube videos and which are stunning. I have many videos created with Animoto. Its Worth trying,
      Keep visiting 🙂

  1. Hi Janice,
    This was a great post, I’m a big fan of youtube, and I think you are definitly right about this topic, companies lack using there full potenial!

    • Thanks for your reply Kevin,
      I am also a big fan of Youtube’s potential. I am glad that you liked my post.
      Keep visiting 🙂

  2. Great Points,, Video Marketing is definitely the way to go for loads of traffic and new leads. I also found the Stealth Marketing video very interesting.

  3. iF uSED right, youtube can be quite an awesome marketing tool. Get it wrong however and i imagine it could end quite badly. Then again, they do say there is no such thing as bad publicity (not sure i agree with that).

  4. I agree to your points however I think bad publicity can gain you more exposure than good. There is really no such thing as bad publicity. 🙂

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