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On July 30, 2014
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Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you..

I always have been talking about the very important role of images and videos in business, blogging, marketing etc. Entrepreneurs are updating their advertising and marketing strategies according to the new Digital Market place. There are certain tools you can take advantage of, for your marketing strategies. One of them is making videos. Videos gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you. Online videos quickly is becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs.


Now the real question comes, how to include produce videos to include in your marketing? This is a problem if your not tech savvy or have good knowledge of media production. So here, I would like to share with you what stuck me as a very good option for video production. A simple video maker which requires very less, almost no tech skills to make professional videos for your businesses. The name of this premium online video production service is “MakeWebVideo” whose tag line even says “Easily make a promotional business video”. 🙂

MakeWebVideo offers a super easy “Do-it-Yourself” online service for producing promotional videos based on Adobe After Effects templates. Not to mention Adobe After Effects is one of the best video production software available till now. I have used it and it is too complex. MakeWebVideo aim at being the easiest way to get a video to promote their business and products. They have a very simple and intuitive web interface, anyone can easily generate a low cost video presentation with their own pictures, video recordings and music.

The video making process is extremely simple and easy because it includes just 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Choose a suitable video template from the variety;

Step 2 – Insert your text, photos, company logo, and music;

Step 3 – And generate your final video.

You can get your video within 30 minutes.

What you will get with MakeWebVideo

  • A professional video that normally costs several hundred dollars. Their price starts from $29;
  • The format of your video will be MP4 produced with Adobe After Effects;
  • Video based on a high quality video template that uses 3D graphics and advanced special effects;
  • Full HD video (1920 x 1080) without watermark;
  • The price you will play, will include video hosting and video player.
  • You don’t even have to worry about the music, the included music comes with the template and it’s royalty free.

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Features Highlights of MakeWebVideo

              It’s EASY and FAST

The best part of this online videos production software is you don’t need technical skills at all. Just pick a template and customize it with your text, photos, footage and music.

              No need for hosting video seperately

Yes, you don’t need to put on other video networks to make it available. The templates include video player and hosting. It’s super easy to share and embed the video on your website and it will play on all pc’s and iOs devices.

             Support of HTML5 video format

Download a watermark free MP4 and WEBM file that you can upload to Youtube, Facebook and your website. Video presentations are generated and ready for download within 1 hour.

Other than these features they have a wide range of ton of high quality video templates with bunch of different category varying from category like App Promo video, 3D Design videos, corporate video and so on.

Here is my favorite video template preview:

The only catch in this whole simple, easy and beautiful videos maker software is that it comes at a cost. But let me tell you it’s very less. You won’t have to empty your pockets for a high definition promo video of your business, company.


The best part is you can create of FREE preview video before going for the premium template so that you can see how your video will look like. That’s a very good things, you won’t feel like your money is in vain after your opt for a video that’s doesn’t look good to you.

To get detailed information about this service visit – MakeWebVideo.com.

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  1. Just used these guys. Awesome product and easy to use. My video was ready instantly, it didn’t take an hour. Also, I messed up on the video so I had to make an edit. Edits do cost $$. Basically you pay based upon the percentage you change. If you change 10%, you pay 10% of the original cost. Overall I’m happy. I would use them again.

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