Who Are You, and What Does Your Blog Portray On Facebook?

I can just imagine most of the people on Facebook portray a false sense of who they are to their friends in their update status.  In some weird and creepy sense, I can see some of these people getting off the internet, after being “holly jolly” with everyone online, and saying, “It rubs the lotion on it’s skin again” at one point or another to the person or persons that they have kidnapped and thrown down a well.


Can People Really Tell Who You Are?

There is a pretty cool website called Social Me, which analyzes your whole history on Facebook and can tell you a lot about yourself and what you are going for.

It also seems that I should, at one point or another, murder someone in their sleep pretty soon, seeing as how I have written enough words in my status updates to write “The Art of War” 6 times over!

More fun facts on who I am:

  • Wade uses more words per sentence than 99% of people.
  • Wade uses fewer commas than 90% of people.
  • Wade uses more colons and dashes than 95% of people.
  • Wade says ‘I’ less than 89% of people.
  • Wade is more optimistic than 96% of people.
  • Wade is more happy than 86% of people

So it seems as though I need a lesson in English grammar as well.  Oh well, at least I’m happy right?  It’s probably because I know that certain death will befall all of you at one point or another! lol!

It can tell you a lot about who you really are on Facebook.

What are you trying to portray on Facebook?

You know the game.  You have a website.  You want to get targeted traffic to your website.  Preferably people who are ready to buy something right?

The way you sell yourself on social media sites like Facebook is going to tell a lot about what your friends and connections feel about who you really are on this platform.

I have really been talking to a lot of newbie’s this past month that want me to help them.  None of them, during our conversations, had anything to say about making friends or building relationships.  As you may have guessed, they all want to be rich beyond their wildest dreams and they just know that when they start their blog, traffic and money will start rolling in.

Ok, so I think I know who’s going to get it now in their sleep.

We all know that this isn’t the way it works.

Bringing Traffic From Facebook

There are tons of people that have their own personal ways that work when it comes to bringing traffic to their site.  I’m no SEO genius, but when I need some SEO help, I don’t try to wing it, I go to who I know is good at it…and there are lot’s of people that fit that category, and Abhi is one of them.

However, you have your own particular way that you like to bring traffic to your site, as do I.  Since my strength does not lie in SEO, but social media, this is generally the road I take to get my traffic from Facebook and other social media sites.

I want to share with you some ideas that I use to get a lot of traffic from Facebook.


This will come out of your pocket, but it can be used to drive relative traffic on different posts that you feel are relevant. On a recent post I wrote about Boosting Your Social Presence on Facebook, I show a personal result of different promoted posts, both of which included my personal profile and my fan page.

Using Facebook ads is a great way to keep your posts in front of friends, and friends of friends timeline and get you that traffic that you need.

The importance of catchy updates

Don’t think a catchy update is important? Think again! This is going to determine whether or not someone will click that link that you just posted.

The main thing that you need to remember when writing for someone else is that you have to peak the reader’s interest. What I do is to just stick with the niche that I’m in and play around with wording accordingly.

For instance, if I wanted to post about social media traffic, I normally say something like, “See how I use this tool to drive thousands of visits to my site daily” and give the link to the post.

This is something that needs to be played with from time to time because people will react differently to different things, and at different times.

People are so finicky.

But everyone reacts to one thing, and that is curiosity. Bring enough of this into your updates and you should be good to go.

Why you should be “social” on a social media site

They want me to be social?

Well, that is the whole point. Believe it or not, there are people on there that aren’t using Facebook for their business or to drive traffic and make money.

People like my wife.

I have really learned a lot about “the others” while observing her on Facebook as she would look at someone’s picture, laugh at an update, or talk about how fat one of her arch enemies is getting (girls).

After watching her for a week do this, I changed the whole strategy of how I approached my updates. Instead of “blah, blah, blah…link” I began to mirror her actions as I browsed Facebook.

I read the updates and “liked” images that made me smile. Heck I even shared someone else’s post!

But don’t tell anyone else ok?

Ok so I jest…

With the Facebook Edge Rank in effect right now, this is going to help you in the long run. Yes, it takes more time to go into someone else’s updates, share their posts, and like their images, but this is all getting counted by the little Facebook gnomes behind your computer screen.

People want interaction

The more you bring your face on someone’s update, the more you share, the more you reach out to others, the more they will remember your name, click your link, and become faithful readers of your site.

Take some time and write a little greeting…don’t put any URL’s in it either (I know you were thinking of it), make it heartfelt and warm and considerate. Tell them what you do, and if they ever needed any help, tell them not to hesitate to ask you for it.

You can pounce on them with the links later, ok?

You will not believe the results that you will get by simply reaching out to someone. People love this! Especially people that “rubs the lotion on the skin”.

In the end, you will make friends with them. I can honestly say that out of the 400-something people that are connected to me on Facebook, I have made friends with over half of these people…Abhi being one of them. See what reaching out does for you? You can be rewarded in so many different ways when you forget about throwing URL’s in every direction and picking up your smile off the floor and using it through words.

Your turn

Who are you on Facebook?  Are you getting the results you want from this social media giant?  Here is who I am, come by and say hi, I promise not to do anything weird…the first time.

Tell me about your ideas of a great Facebook strategy that works well, I’d love to hear about it!

Wade Harman

Wade is a full time blogger and internet marketer. His website, Make Money Blogging, is where he devotes all of his time to helping newbie's and pro's learn how to create a successful blog! His methods for social media strategies have landed him a nomination for one of the spots in "Top Ten Blogs for Social Media in 2012".


  1. I’m pretty much WYSIWYG.

    Although I’m also pretty sure I just broke Social Me. And I’m pretty sure that notion makes me smile. But I also have this sneaking suspicion I just added to the database of the creepy guy who says, “It rubs the lotion on its skin…”


  2. If you want to become a successful person in online marketing then first of all you should introduce yourself on FB because this is one of the nice platform to make your own identity in online marketing.

    • I have found that when you talk to people personally then they will eventually put you on their “Get Notifications” tab on their timeline. With the new EdgeRank, you will succeed more on Facebook with this feature by doing this.

  3. Hey Wade,

    First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome meaty post. And thank you for mentioning me in your post.

    I really loved the post. Especially, the part from where you started about bringing traffic from Facebook.

  4. Nice post about Facebook and i like the way of advertise own business via social media.

  5. I have 2 FB accounts (LOL, FB managers will kill me if they see this comment), one for personal relationship, the other to manage my FB fan pages. I love my personal FB since it’s the real me. I don’t need to think too much about how people react to me, how it affects my business and so. 🙂

    Even though the engagement is not so good, I am pleased with it.

  6. Hi Wade
    As far as I know everyone is painting a different picture of themselves on Facebook or any social site. As people are often portraying who they think they are through their eyes which can often be quite different to how other pele see them anyway or they are portraying who they want to be in an ideal world. Going to have to take a look at social me and see what it says about me.

    Thanks lee

  7. I was curious about Social.me but it seems that it was discontinued. Too bad!
    Anyway, I am not much of a Facebook person. I tend to use Google Plus. On an Android phone it is a lot easier! For Google+ I have found a tool called CoolSocial. It gives you details about any Google+ user. It’s always a good thing to verify your own.

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