Why you should comment on other web-blogs/sites ?

Hello, my blogger friends. You are blogging, so it is obvious you are constantly writing number of articles.So my first question is How many comments you have got in your articles?. And a question similar to this is On how many articles you have commented? I guess the answer will be a few.
A blogger needs to understand the importance of comments in the blogging world. Readers/Bloggers most of the time goes through the content, get for what they were searching, and move away without appreciating or thanking the writer for the article.

So here I’m sharing my thoughts about Why you should comment on other web-blogs/sites

  • Building Relationship : Blogging is simply about building relationship with other Bloggers out in the web world. It’s nice to have some good blogger friends. With whom you can share your blogs/sites so that they can help you in advising, suggesting something better for your blog/site. You can build relationship with other bloggers with constantly passing worthy comments to their article.
  • Building Backlinks : Commenting helps you in building backlinks to your blog/site. For example, if you visited a blog/site article which is related to some article in your blog/site, then you can give the link of that article in the comment recommending to read that also. Or simply commenting with your blog/site link in a web-site/blog with your niche. It will create backlinks to your blog/site, helps in SEO somewhere, and increasing traffic. (See Importance of Backlinks).
  • Getting Traffic  : Commenting with your links will definetly give traffic to your blog.If you have your links in articles on popular Blogs/site, then the readers of that articles may come to your link also.
  • Appreciating writer : It’s comes in Good Manners. If you got something which helped in increasing your knowledge, or simply someone is helping others with his articles, then you can make the writer feel better, with few lines of appreciation.
  • Thank You : Similar to the appreciation, you should not forget to thank a writer for what you got from his/her articles. A simple token of thank you can motivate the writer to keep writing good.
I would suggest you to make commenting a habit while blogging. A good blogger always appreciate other writers. So, be a good blogger start commenting. 🙂


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  1. Good tips. I have left my link on others blogs and you're right I have had people go to my blog from it. I didn't realize though that I was building back links. Thanks so much for these good tips. Being new to blogging, everything is of great help.

  2. It's a good post covering important points for rookie bloggers. Thanks for sharing Abhi.

  3. @ Rahul : Your welcome rahul, i m wrting specially for new blogger,to make their work more easier on blogging.

  4. I must say that commenting is a way of giving and receiving comments. You give comment to there site and also they, I'm not pointed out that it is fully tested but my blog post receive a minimum of 10 comments (including mine) and maximum of 30+ comments. Also, think that "Its better to Give than to Receive".

  5. @ Christian : surely,It is a way of exchanging comments.Thanks for giving your time on my blog Christian.
    There are few people out there who are really intrested,and have time to appreciat or suggest others.

  6. Abhi, Thanks so much for this topic, as well as for your blog. I have written many types of documents this past year and truly love to blog for the main reason I enjoy helping others become successful. Your information will help me connect to the larger community. I hope I can help others as you are!

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