What next after Blogger to WordPress migration? – WordPress Settings [Video]!

In my last post which was “Blogger to WordPress migration“, I made a video tutorial the very first time, my first video. I explained the basic steps one need to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. I kept my tutorial limited to installing WordPress and logging in to the WordPress dashboard and importing our Blogger blog.

But what next after this migration? Though, we are ready to start publishing on our new WordPress blog but it still needs some fixes and some plugins to make our blog look good and work better than before, maybe for what we switched to WordPress. 🙂

In this article, I’d be sharing my experience, which problems and bugs I met, how I fixed them and which plugin I used. Basically, what steps you should follow just after the migration.

I’ll break this post in different parts so that I can explain about a single topic in one post properly. I’ll talk about basic WordPress settings here.

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_sriU32xhk”]

Before doing anything after the import, I’d suggest to change you theme first.

Get a good theme: After importing your blog to WordPress we get default theme. It’s simpler to get started but one can easily download a good colorful theme from the options in left sidebar in the dashboard – Appearance->Themes. After clicking on themes you will see two tabs like in the picture below.

installing themes in wordpress

Manage themes tab will show which themes you currently have and which one is active. You can search/upload and install new themes by going to the second tab, Install Themes.

Check the boxes with the keywords relevant with the theme style you want and hit the search button. (Problem in installing? let me know)

What to do just after Blogger to WordPress migration? – Settings!

 Adjust Settings: You can find this option in the left side bar. It has some sub options.

  • General: These are the basic settings. Fill all the information there, Site title, tag line email and other options. And if you want to let people register on your blog (for guest posts) then make sure to do what is shown into the picture below:setting in wordpressRemember to set the default role to Subscriber. Subscribers can just login to dashboard and fill up their profile. It’s good because you can review the guest and then manually upgrade his or her account with role of Contributor. Understand about all roles here. Save changes.
  • Writing settings: Next is writing settings. Nothing to do much here. Better if one can change the default category from Uncategorized to something else like News, updates or something relevant so that your all posts can have a default category in case you don’t provide any. Next, scroll down to the bottom to “Update Services” and add the following list there:http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2http://api.moreover.com/RPC2http://api.my.yahoo.com/RPC2http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/pinghttp://rpc.twingly.com/














    All these sites will be notified whenever you’ll publish a post. Save changes.

  •  Reading settings: Only a single change needed here (I’d prefer) is to change the default option “Blog pages show at most”. Change it to a little less, maybe 6-7. It’s the number of post to show in one page. Save changes.
  • Discussion settings: Here, the first important setting is in “Default article settings” on second number (Pingbacks and Trackbacks). You can un-check this if you don’t want to get annoyed by spam emails. Next, in the comment settings section, you can check the second option if you want only register users can comment. (I’d not prefer this, leave this unchecked). Next, increase the number of comments in a thread (I love long conversations, :)). Another setting, if you want to moderate every comment before publishing on your blog then you can check “An administrator must always approve the comment “. Save the changes if you made any.
  • Privacy: It’s good to check this option. In case, this one is set “not index your site in search engines”, change it to allow search engine to index your site.
  • Permalinks: This one is important for SEO purpose, changing you permalinks structure. It means, how your links will appear to readers. Basically, we have to change it from default to any other. I have set it to “Post name” as you can see it in the address bar. It’s good for SEO.

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Abhishek Balani

A full stack developer, sometimes designer, passionate coder, tireless knowledge seeker, curious learner. I have a strong passion for new technologies, very autodidact and love to build new things from the ground up. Having 5+ years of dynamic experience accumulated from working in early stage startups to mid-sized organizations in Agile environment. Skilled in Python and related frameworks, React.js, Databases, Hadoop, Elastic Search and various AWS Services like Boto3, API Gateway, Lamda, EC2, EMR, CloudWatch.


  1. WoW. Abhi your 2nd video is excellent. Keep it up. And I want to know what is role of “Update Services” and “Ping” I am using WordPress from last 4 months. But still want to confirm what exactly they are 😀

    • Hello Ammar,

      Have you ever visited pingomatic.com . It is a service where you can ping your blog or blog post and that service will update different search engines that your blog has updated. We have to manually visit that site and submit our posts to count as updated.

      But the service I mentioned above when pasted in the “Update Service” section then all will be automatically updated when we’ll publish any post. All will send updates to, like search engines and directories.

  2. Hi Abhi Bro,

    Wonderful post! Everything is explained very well I just want to add one more thing.

    Add a PingOptimizer plugin! Because by defualt wordpress ping your post whenever you publish a post or edit and chances are your blog will be spammy. So you should add PingOptimizer plugin.


    • Yes, this was a good tip for me, since I am a compulsive editor. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to have it ping your edited posts before the feedburner subscription gets mailed out each day, because otherwise it’ll show all your typos!! Egads, what’s a perfectionist to do?

    • Thanks a lot for the suggestion, my friend. It is really necessary as we all edit our post.
      I’ll get one now.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts. 😀

  3. Hello Abhi ,

    How is everything going on ? I wish would have got this post yesterday as I set up a blog for my friend doing many WP changes,but dont know why not getting email updates from your blog ? May be something needs to be fixed either at your end or my end.

    Keep exploring WP once I shall start doing more stuff on it,your experience will be helpful.Any idea why my recent post not appearing in commentluv plugin ? This is not only on your blog but elsewhere also I have been facing same problem for few months.


    • Neeraj,

      Is your blog feed working? That’s how commentluv works – it needs to be able to read the feeds at your page. If it’s not showing, that may be why. Also, I’ve seen problems with commentluv and caching plug-ins. Don’t ask me to explain in technical detail – having had bad experiences with caching plug-ins (several of them) in the past, on various blogs, I’ve decided they’re all evil and have banned them all from my blogs. 🙂

      If my blog ever gets the kind of traffic Darren Rowse gets, I’ll re-evaluate that. But for now, I’m all about keeping life simple and keeping commentluv working.

      • Oh yes, I’d like to know about what bad experience you had with cache plug-ins. I read everywhere that it’s useful to make our site fast. And that’s the reason I added it, you know. But now I don’t have any cache plugin.

        Let me, our readers know why it’s not good. On your blog or mine? Wherever you wish. 😀

      • Hi Holly,

        Yes,the blog feed is working fine.I have started few blogs on WP but have not posted much on those blogs as I hardly get time to update my main blog which is on blogger.I have installed many plugins on my WP blogs but none of them is from the cache category so no idea till now.


    • Hey Neeraj,

      I think, email updates are working fine here. Can you try to subscribe again? Or check if you are getting it in spam box?

      Yes, I’m exploring WordPress to better. I’ve just started. I’ll keep sharing what I’ll learn from this.

      If your feeds are fine then you can try emptying your browser cache and cookie files.

      • Hi Abhi,

        I got the email update for this post but dint get one for the post of Holly,may be I missed it in spam and from now onwards I need to carefully check my spam folder before deleting them all at once.

        I guess there is some other problem as feeds are working fine and I keep reinstalling OS in my computer every now and then moreover clearing cache and cookie will fix any problem at my computer ( incase I am facing issues on a particular website ).Here the thing is neither I nor anyone can see my latest posts via commentluv plugin at the end of my comment,can you?


        • A feed could not be found at expertsgalaxy.com/ I have checked your Feedburner feed its working fine. but problem may be is in your blogger dashbaord. Double check the blogger feed redirection to feedburner, your problem will be solved. If you put your Feedburner Link in “comment website link box”, you will se your latest posts in commentluv.

          • Yep! This can work. I have used FeedBurner feed many times in CommentLuv but it steals one backlink.

            In CommentLuv we get two backlinks in one comment; one to our site homepage and another to any of our recent post. But if we will use FeedBurner feed one back link will be sent to FeedBurner not our website.

          • Ajnabii,

            I dint get you if you got the feed or not as when I checked it,seems to be working fine.Even I did not understand what do you mean by “Double check the blogger feed redirection to feedburner”.

            I guess you are right posting the comment using feed link may resolve the problem ( testing it using this comment )but the thing is I dont comment for backlink or something even I dont have time for all that stuff.I just noticed on this blog including others so was curious to know what is happening why but again dont have time to research on this,thanks to you and Abhi for the reply ( I have been posting comments by filling up the form since I own the domain as without it I guess it wont accept the comments).Its kind of habit for me now later on I came to know that it helps in backlink and traffic as well).It would be helpful to tell someone incase they comment only to show their latest post.

            The thing is if it works this way then why not working the previous way.Your logic is also right can be a problem in feed redirection but the thing is where in my dashboard ?


          • Hi Neeraj,

            Happy Weekend, Let me share links with you and I hope they will resolved your issue.

            1. Redirect your blogger feed to feedburner: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/07/redirect-your-blogger-feed-to.html

            2. What to do if commentluv is not showing the latest post: http://comluv.com/what-to-do-if-commentluv-is-not-showing-the-latest-post/

            3. [Plugin: CommentLuv] “No last blog posts to return” error message: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-commentluv-no-last-blog-posts-to-return-error-message in this post @HollyJahangiri also replied.

            Thank you.

          • Thank you for these links, Ajnabii! They are worth reading..

            Check you email!

          • Most welcome! I’ve checked your email Abhi, you will get response shortly.

          • Hi Ajnabii,

            Trying to sort out the problem,checked the top 2 links but no go may be they will help either way in fixing the problem.

        • Ajnabii mentioned the solution for this problem. Add FeedBurner’s email to whitelist or something.

          And I have email subscription to my blog, I don’t remember, but I am getting emails for the post I publish. (I really don’t remember if I got email for Holly’s post).

          Let me check.

          • Abhi,

            I guess adding the subscription email which is balani.a will solve the spam issue never mind will sort it out


      • Only one solution is Add “Feedburner” email ID in safe sender. You will not miss any single email from Oddbloggers! Let us know next time if you will not get emails.

        Abhi I think now you need to go for awber email. What you think ?

        • Thanks once again adding solution. 😀

          And I have heard about Aweber a little but don’t think I need it right now. But I’ll use it in future. When I’ll have a bit more subscribers. 🙂

          I keep this in mind.

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