How to Write Compelling Content for New Products

Every product that you sell deserves a compelling description. In fact, your business very well depends upon those words to sell your products for you. Without a brick and mortar store, you can’t rely on the physical product to promote itself. All you have are some digital images and your descriptions. While great images are important too, customers expect to read about the items they intend to buy. By writing informative descriptions that also effectively promote even the most mundane items, you stand a better chance of selling your wares.

Research Content Descriptions

Before writing your own product descriptions, you should plan to do some reading. “There are many companies that write excellent, compelling product copy.” (1) Some entrepreneurs may look to magazines or blogs for inspiration. Reading well-written product descriptions is helpful, but it’s also helpful to read some poorly written ones

so you get to understand the differences. By embracing the best practices and avoiding some pitfalls, you can produce content that works for you.

Become a Product Guru

While the manufacturers of the products you sell are naturally experts about the items they make, you need to become an expert yourself in order to prepare informative descriptions. You need to communicate like an insider so that your audience can learn through you. Talk to manufacturers and visit their websites. Learn as much as you can and take time to list information that you believe should make its way into your product descriptions. While this can take some time, it’s well worth it. Schedule this research into your day; you won’t be squandering your time because you’ll be improving your knowledge base concerning the products you sell. This will also benefit you when it comes to customer service.

Write Right

?Although you might have been born for business, you might not be as enthusiastic a writer. Good writing takes practice and you’ll likely improve well with time. Even so, your descriptions can’t wait for you to use proper grammar and spelling. On the contrary, poor grammar can harm your sales. Mistake-ridden descriptions will undermine your business’s professionalism. Consequently, make sure you proof your descriptions carefully before you post them. You can also hire someone to edit your content to ensure that it is error free.

Borrow Wisely

If you prefer not to write your descriptions and want to save time, you can always use “product images and descriptions” (2) created by your drop shipping supplier. This will save you time and also acquaint you with well-written descriptions. You can also learn from your competitors; however, you certainly never want to plagiarize their copy and you also want to stand apart from them. Even so, you may be able to borrow some ideas for creating compelling product descriptions like personal anecdotes or story-like narratives.

When you run a drop shipping business, you know that so much depends upon your ability to market your material online. When your descriptions are good, you can rely on them to sell your products. When your descriptions are great, you’ll realize how much better you sell because you took the time to create excellent content.


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  1. hi abhishek,your article looks nice as u said that grammer mistakes can harm our sales.yeah you said absolutely right as grammatical mistakes cant convey the message to our visitors which we want to.thanks for sharing valuable article.thanks.

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