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Be a part of this website, submit your article to OddBlogger and share traffic. I am working very hard on this blog’s tag line – “Best Blogging and SEO Tips” to give best to my readers.

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What you have to say on…:

  • Technology
  • Programming
  • Blogging Tips;
  • SEO;
  • Blog Promotion, Article Marketing etc;
  • Increase Traffic Tips;
  • Social Media related to Blogging;
  • Make Money with Blogging;
  • See the Categories widget for idea.

Guidelines For Guests.

Follow these simple guidelines when submitting your post to OddBlogger: (No promise of acceptance or publication – just layout of the requirements for consideration.)

Your post should :

  • Be a minimum of 700 words;
  • Be Clearly written, using full sentences and paragraph structure;
  • Be Grammatically correct;
  • Be spellchecked carefully;
  • Be written by you;
  • Contain few, if any, links in the body of the post, and only those NON-COMMERCIAL links necessary and relevant to illustrate your points or provide supplementary information. All links must be coded to open in a new window. You may add your blog and social links within your profile (to your personal web site or blog).
  • Be with images of suitable size. The pictures should not infringe copyrights and proper credits should be given to them. Hotlinking to pictures is not allowed. Picture format should be of png, JPG or GIF;
  • Be Completely relevant to the blog content;
  • You may include a photo of yourself to include with your author bio. Please include only photos of YOURSELF (no celebrities, pets, cute cartoon graphics, etc.).

ToS for Guest Posting.

  • After publishing the article on OddBlogger,all rights are reserved by OddBlogger.
  • If editing is needed, you will be notified. Your post will not be published if required edits are not made.
  • Messed up articles will not be published.
  • OddBlogger reserves the rights to remove links, bio or the article itself .
  • If one does not reply to emails or comments within 2 days, links and author bio will be removed.
  • I’d check all links before publication, and any attempts to spam readers or send them to sites that were irrelevant, pornographic, affiliate sites, sites advocating violence, racism, or hate speech, etc. would be grounds for the guest poster being banned from further submissions on OddBlogger.

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Note: Account will not be upgraded without sending email to me and with incomplete profile information. Commercial, affiliate links will be deleted from the profile. Only links to personal blogs are allowed.

Accounted will be deleted if I don’t get an acknowledgement within next 24 hours of account registration. Click here to go to Contact page!

Please note: Link in your website field should not point to any commercial site or any site where you are selling any product or service. It is nothing but ADVERTISEMENT and you don’t get advertisements for FREE.

Read the guidelines and terms above carefully before registering for an account.

Disclaimer: By guest posting on OddBlogger.com, you give OddBlogger’s owner the rights to remove any link or the post (whether paid or free) itself anytime without any notification to the guest author.


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