Writing Case Studies to Benefit Your SEO Strategy

Many companies feel the need to provide case studies on their site, but is anyone really reading them and how can they benefit your SEO strategy?

Case studies are a great way of showcasing what your company has achieved by providing concrete data and results to back up the promises you make to your prospects. Visitors may only view your case studies once they have started thinking about purchasing your products or services. However, when they are written and delivered correctly, they can help your SEO strategy; helping drive prospects to you and encouraging them to convert.

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Solve Problems

If your case studies solve a problem, optimise them for phrases prospects would search for to find a solution. Write as naturally as possible and make the information concise and digestible to ensure readers find the answers they are looking for quickly. If you have broken down your methodology and provided a solution to a common problem, your case study is more likely to be shared and gain links naturally.

Keep it Fresh

Even if your case study appears to be evergreen content for your site, it can soon become outdated. Industry changes happen all too frequently and quickly, leading companies to adapt their strategies or services. Keep your case studies fresh by regularly updating them with the latest achievements or developments your company has made. This will help your case studies to be found alongside newsworthy content that people are searching for. Be sure to include specific dates and timeframes of how long things took to achieve. You can even recycle your old case studies and compare them to new methods you have since discovered that have saved your clients time and money.

Profile Clients

Case studies are a great way for you to shout about the kind of clients you are working with. If your business has achieved some exceptional results for another company, they should be more than happy for you to do a short profile on them. This will encourage links from their site as well as their own customers and industry professionals. These high quality and relevant links will have been obtained naturally and serve you well as you attempt to rank highly in the search engines.

Mention Tools & Sources

A great way to attract links naturally for your SEO strategy is to mention the tools you used and the sources of information you found to aid you in achieving your goals. Add a list of data sources and tools into your case studies with links back to the appropriate sites.

Show Results

Your case studies are there to prove you can help clients achieve the results they want. So make sure that they contain significant data to show this. Break down facts and figures into digestible and easy-to-understand formats. Your case studies are part and parcel of your research and development as a company. This research will have to be attributed to you should anyone else decide to use it. Brand up your graphs, images and anything that you think people may borrow for their own articles or sites. That way you can attract links back to your own case studies as people begin to reference them, helping to drive greater amounts of traffic to your site.

Case Study Presentation

The presentation of your case studies is important in order to attract the right kind of prospects. Depending on your industry, you may wish to create a range of new media content to showcase your case studies. At the very least, you should always use graphs, images and infographics alongside digestible content. Videos can also be effective if used correctly. If they are genuinely helpful, informative and visually enticing, your custom written case studies will be shared and link to naturally, helping to increase your brand awareness online.

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  1. Definitely a way to go and for sure fresh and quality content would keep search engines interested and help to improve SERP.

  2. This article is spot on. Business owners are going to be very willing to pay you a lot more if you have proof that you can help them improve their bottom line.

  3. The game of SEO changes so much it is essential that you follow new tips and ideas on how to increase traffic. Case studies is a new for me so thanks

  4. Excellent post..
    I dependent of SEO technique such as guest blogging etc. for my website and doesn’t care so much on the case study, but as time grow up the search engine get smarter and smarter and may be now i need to new technique and strategies for my website may be start with case study including my SEO work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes you are right Write as naturally as possible and make the information concise and digestible to ensure readers find the answers they are looking for quickly
    Thanks for the awesome tips…

  6. Yes..i agree that by providing case study into your website, you are also encouraging clients to commit from you. You have to remember that for clients, Your testimonial pages is a big factor that affects the mind of your clients.

    I also agree that by delivering it correctly, possible clients cab be converted into sales.

    Great content is really a good and important factor that affects client in many ways. 😀

    Thanks for sharing 😀 Good tips!

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